Workshop couplet net runs the implementation that noting model machine industry and its application

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The foreword   rapid development as the society, all trades and professions develops in the way that runs to informatization stage by stage. Industry of the machine that note model also is develop in the progressively way that runs to informatization, the characteristic development that notes model machine industry in basis of the need in this one process goes the one bushing that suits business management manage system, having couplet net through network technology next, such can seasonable information feedback gives administrator, the data related administrator basis make reasonable decision-making. If this manages a system to be able to realize management of network of couplet of the workshop that note model effectively, better for company creation economic benefits. Current, the research of this one system also is a main task, the direction of a development that also is management of workshop of industry of the machine that note model at the same time. One, the tradition notes workshop of model machine industry to manage medium a few problems to be in industry of the machine that note model, the quantity of average client order is less, and have diversification. If manage a layer cannot quite seasonable control each order are in the manufacturing situation of the workshop, such meetings make the director of the workshop unintelligible the specific production situation to the workshop, create manufacturing be in short supply or product easily above quota circumstance. Show level, major factory building basically is resource applies pure manpower monitoring, the data of all sorts of personnel cannot decide, cause superintendency cost so easily to rise to feedback with data not seasonable phenomenon, affect the normal movement of the enterprise. In addition, if manufacturing product appeared,quality problem is mixed when using complained case, cannot quite seasonable restrospect to the manufacturing process information of this product and pertinent qualitative check information. To the product character, will cannot be opposite quite detect data undertakes seasonable statistic and analysis. On the other hand, cannot quite real time understanding product line and the specific working hours that machine equipment, can affect equipment to produce potential then, raise the manufacturing cost of the enterprise. Because the amount of the machine noting model in the workshop is more, machine product balance is very difficult, make administrative work harder and harder also, without effective allocation employee works on the issue that planning personnel at the same time, cannot reach expectant goal of production smoothly then. Because note the pattern in model workshop a lot of, make put the meeting is messier, management rises to also compare a disorder, send fault or lost case via often can appearing, and find relevant chief very hard still. In addition, need often maintains and the pattern is maintained, but model machine industry is noted in the tradition the very rare and relevant personnel in workshop management goes doing this work, can cause problem of occurrence quality of a few moulds so, affect the quality of the product then. Accordingly, change traditional administrative pattern only, develop to the direction of informatization management, ability satisfies the requirement of modern production, get more economic benefits for the enterprise. 2, the necessity that management of workshop couplet network is noting model machine industry rises of cost ceaselessly as manpower, the competition between the industry that note model also is being added increasingly drama, the economic benefits that company place can obtain is very few. To the development of company future, it is more and more important also to the operation of the enterprise to change the management, efficiency that increases production and the quality that assure a product subtly. The arrival of informatization times, undertake in the industry that note model workshop couplet net manages, data of have the aid of gathers facility, undertake to workshop field data real time is collected, and system of this one management had been become note the important step that net of model workshop couplet manages currently. What each enterprise hopes most is to shorten manufacturing time, improvement produces the product to character is measured and reduce manufacturing cost. The administrative pattern of workshop couplet net is used in the industry that note model, can raise administrative efficiency and the economic benefits that add a company effectively. System of this kind of management can real time to the production of the workshop the circumstance undertakes monitoring, no matter such controller produce a situation in what can master a factory why when. Pass the application of this one system, will make the efficiency that the workshop that note model manages gets rising apparently, the quality of the product also can get rising accordingly. 3, the implementation that management of workshop couplet network is noting model machine industry and applied   1, construction of system of management of network of couplet of the workshop that note model notes net of couplet of model industry workshop to manage a system to basically have: Supervisory system of manufacturing platoon only system, spot, shape number off system, equipment safeguards the main module composition such as system and performance analysis system, each module has respective function, the work is coordinated between each module only, what just can assure whole system is normal move. In whole management system, each subsystem is having main effect. Production discharges only system: Basically be the production that has a product according to the requirement on manufacturing group sheet, basically include number of order of the serial number that send sheet, order, product and manufacturing amount to wait. Spot supervisory system: The terminal that supplies through network center database is collected implement with monitor of the machine that note model, can the spot every the manufacturing data of the machine undertakes modal analysis, next the consideration related repass comes data of real spot production sheds imitate, so convenient controller undertakes real time managing. Meanwhile, no matter controller body is in He De, can come through logging onto the administrative system of the enterprise the manufacturing situation of the spot. Shape number off system: Pass special controller of the machine that note model, shut the engine that note model automatically modular time to be accumulated together, transmit network center database, this one procedure is faster, accurate with save labour. At the same time it still is offerred for the enterprise shape those who produce data is primitive collect data, prevent relevant personnel effectively to undertake modification to data, attach most importance to those who want is decision-making provide the basis that proofreads reference. Equipment maintains a system: Equipment defends management basically is the maintenance that assures equipment of the aircraft that note model, maintain have a standard undertake, so OK and effective assurance is produced can undertake smoothly. In addition, maintain to noting maintenance of model aircraft equipment to basically have periodic and unusual the content that repairs two respects. Performance analyses a system: Performance analyses a system to basically provide concrete analysis result and data of a few histories, shape for instance statistical analysis of production, spot switchs on the mobile phone the state, fine that note model is tasted rate analysis and note model undesirable case study, place of performance analysis system should finish these. 2, the main function characteristic that the main function characteristic of system of management of network of couplet of the workshop that note model notes net of model workshop couplet to run a system is: Produce can be in charge of accuse, crop canal accuses and character canal accuses. Every function has respective characteristic, particular case is as follows: (1) produce can be in charge of accuse to produce can be in charge of the characteristic that accuse is can detect in hardware below condition of switch of the machine that note model, can win the switch machine time of the machine. In addition, still can pass imitate interface, understand the manufacturing situation that produces the spot at any time. (2) crop canal accuses an electron to look board at any time the manufacturing in finished state of monitoring order, the system contrasts automatically actual production numbers off, prevent to sign up for by accident, wrong newspaper and favor send a newspaper to wait, let spot personnel understand the executive situation of order in real time. After working procedure defect rate is high, cannot? When enough order demand, working procedure personnel can look through the electron before board real time knows news, can adjust the amount of the product that note model actively, in order to satisfy order requirement. After order is contented, hardware picks rally pattern time automatically, computational product measure, electronic board can appear early-warning, overfulfill needlessly in order to prevent. (3) character canal accuses to offer a large number of undesirable character to analyse chart for controller, like circumstance of character of inferior quality case study, personnel circumstance of quality of analysis, product is analysed, analysis of circumstance of machine stage character, and record every labour in detail the data that taste check, if hold stage of machine person, machine, product, lot number, detect method, measure, fine is tasted, defective goods, undesirable reason, control the manufacturing quality of the product then. 3, the specific application of system of management of network of couplet of the workshop that note model is noting model this kind of system is used in the workshop, can record each paragraphs of makings in producing a course effectively to provide temperature data and monitoring data: Serial number flying a model, low pressure involving a model times, high pressure involving a model times, open a model to time, drawing of patterns times, time circularly, position flying a model, shoot time, protect press changeover the position, protect press changeover time, protect control transfer pressure, shoot starting point. And with with number or graph two kinds of means show. Workshop of real time control the stability of each machine and operation function, produce the stability of quality in order to ensure. The last word notes net of model workshop couplet to manage a system to use the means that soft hardware combines, the real time that produces data through waiting to recording the model workshop, machine that note model collects the analysis with information data, condition of implementation workshop production and the real time monitoring that note model machine to produce a situation, raise the resource utilization rate, visibility that improves workshop operation, diaphaneity, enhance the effectiveness on management. Although this kind of system can satisfy relevant requirement, but still existing a few blemish, need further research, ability can perfect this one system ceaselessly, make its receive more wide application. CNC Milling