SANCH transducer is noting the application in model machine industry

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One, preface goes to plastic products for course of study, power consumption is the body that its produce cost, and one of equipment of main specific power consumption that the machine that note model is plastic products plant, the specific power consumption that because this is reduced,records model machine becomes the industry that note model to reduce the cost, efficient way that enhances product competition ability. At present the machine noting model of great majority belongs to fluid drive to record model machine, the motivation in fluid drive system drives oil pump to offer by electric machinery. In the process of the cycle that note model, the flow that the machine that note model needs below different process and pressure are different, must rely on flow valve and pressure valve to adjust the flow that different process place needs and pressure. The bear change of hydraulic pressure system is very big, because mensurable pump is not adjustable,output power, because this redundant energy can be in only,fender, oil path is divulged, use up in oily temperature rise. Such already aggravate of all sorts of valve wear away, cause oil again lukewarm exorbitant, electric machinery noise is too big, and the phenomenon such as mechanical loss of life. And be normally in the design, the capacity that electric machinery of user oil pump designs is very more than needing tower above actually, exist " car of big Ma La " phenomenon, create a large number of waste of electric energy. Because this popularizes communication,frequency control device is noting the application on model machine, to reducing the sources of energy waste has important sense. 2, frequency control is energy-saving the energy-saving principle of device 1, frequency conversion is energy-saving in the method of a lot of timing that communicating asynchronous electromotor, the function of frequency control is best, timing scope is big, stability is good, moving efficiency is tall. Use general transducer to be opposite basket model asynchronous electromotor undertakes timing is controlled, because use convenient, dependability tall and economic benefits is remarkable, get popularizing stage by stage so. (1) the controls means asynchronous electromotor basically synchronous rotate speed of frequency control, rotate namely the rotate speed of magnetic field is: The N1 in N1 = 60f1/n type, synchronous rotate speed (R/min) ;f1, stator frequency (Hz) ;n, magnetic pole logarithm. And the axial rotate speed of asynchronous electromotor is: N1 = N1 (1 - S) = 60f1 (1 - S) / the S in N type, of asynchronous electromotor turn poor rate, s = (N1 - N) / N1. When undertaking to asynchronous electromotor timing is controlled, maintain electromotor advocate magnetic flux is constant the cost is fixed, change the power supply frequency of asynchronous electromotor, can change its synchronism rotate speed, implementation timing moves. (2) frequency conversion is energy-saving primary reason is hydromechanical knowable, p (power) =Q (discharge) * H (pressure) , of discharge Q and rotate speed N just become direct ratio, the square of pressure H and rotate speed N becomes direct ratio, the cubic metre of power P and rotate speed N becomes direct ratio. Q/Qg=n/ng, h/Hg= (N/ng) 2, p/pg= (N/ng) 3, in type: The rated discharge of Qg- oil pump, the rated pressure of Hg- oil pump, the rated power of electric machinery of Pg- oil pump, the rated rotate speed of electric machinery of Ng oil pump. By afore-mentioned formula knowable, if the efficiency of oil pump is certain, when Q of requirement adjustment discharge drops, rotate speed N can drop into scale, right now the P of axial output power of oil pump is to establish square relation to drop. Namely the P of bad news electric power of oil pump electric machinery and N of its rotate speed become cubic to concern approximately. Be like exemple: Some notes rated power of electric machinery of model lubricating oil pump to be 55KW, drop when rotate speed when the 4/5 of former rotate speed, its power consumption is 28.

16KW, province report 48.

8% ; Drop when rotate speed when the 1/2 of former rotate speed, its power consumption is 6.

875KW, province report 87.

5% ; 2, soft start energy-saving because electric machinery is,be started directly or Y/D is started, the electric current that start is equal to (3-7) times rated electric current, such meetings cause severe impact to Electromechanical equipment and power supply electrified wire netting, and still can ask to capacity of electrified wire netting exorbitant, the big electric current of the generation when starting and the to equipment service life when shaking is very adverse. And use frequency conversion is energy-saving device, the soft starting function that uses transducer will make start electric current from 0 begin, maximum also does not exceed rated electric current, the impact that eased pair of electrified wire netting and ask to power supply capacity, prolonged the service life of equipment and mould. 3, power factor compensates energy-saving power not only those who add line caustic and equipment is calorific, because,mainer is of power element reduce those who bring about power of have rendered great service of electrified wire netting. And use frequency control is energy-saving after control equipment, as a result of the action of capacitance of wave of the filter inside frequency conversion, reduced thereby without power comsumption caustic, increased the power of have rendered great service of electrified wire netting. 3, the machine that note model is energy-saving transform a principle 1, the working procedure that notes the process that model machine shapes to record model machine: Add up to glue of model, lock model, frit, shoot glue, protect pressure, cooling, fly a model. The actuating pressure that each phase place needs and discharge are different, the whole process that note model is the laden condition that is in constant change. Record model machine at present the majority is mensurable pump, motor of its oil pump outputs constant flow with constant rotate speed, and in producing a course, some phase need few discharge and pressure only, redundant hydraulic pressure oil carries gasoline tank of circumfluence of overflow a powerful person, call this process high-pressured reduce expenditure in the industry that note model. Working procedure of products of the engine that note model and specific power consumption contrast the graph records model machine to mensurable pump, just as its name implies, when although produce,moving, the pressure that system of its hydraulic pressure asks in each working procedure phase, discharge is different, but oil pump electric machinery is decided from beginning to end fast move, its output flow is constant from beginning to end, and spare flow uses pressure mostly at present or discharge proportioning valve adjusts, direct circumfluence, the formal loss that a large number of energy need with pressure is on valve, wasteful and great. After using frequency control to control a technology, energy-saving implement can work currently according to recording model machine condition, the rotate speed that controls oil pump electric machinery will adjust the output discharge of oil pump, make oil pump actual fuel delivery loses current-carrying capacity actually to all can keep consistent in any working phase with the machine that note model, make sure electric machinery uses up those who achieve place to need in the energy inside the bear limits of whole change the smallest degree, comb-out overflow phenomenon, ensure electric machinery moves accurately. 2, working principle flow chart: How clever obtain control signal, the simple and easy union that realizes the equipment that note model and transducer is very important. The machine that note model uses sheet piece machine undertake controlling, set of its pressure, sequential can press craft condition to be given artificially, sheet is used before frequency conversion is transformed piece the signal that engine control system outputs, control pressure scale control valve, adjust thereby advocate the size of oil pump pressure. After frequency conversion is transformed, the signal control valve of control pressure scale (a linear electric current is worth or the voltage of 0-10V, 0-24V is worth) after classics signal changes module, the imitate that the standard signal that becomes a 0-10V sends transducer directly inputs end, change the output frequency of transducer thereby, immediately is changed advocate the rotate speed of oil pump electromotor, achieve double re-act of report of pressure regulating, section to use. 4, SANCH transducer is recording model machine energy-saving transform applied characteristic: 1.

Transducer of use vector control comes true 0 fast full torsion, in order to compensate inadequacy of low frequency torsion, reduce the fraction defective of manufactured goods; 2.

Overload capability is strong. Overload ability is 150%60 second, 200%2 second, in noting model procedure in order to assure, below the concussion that shoots the heavy load such as glue process in high pressure, do not jump machine, do not affect manufacturing process, assure product quality; 3.

Whole sealing of independent air channel is designed, dustproof, prevent gas, anticorrosion, environment to get used to ability strong, service life is longer; 4.

Use control of double signal of discharge and pressure, apply to the production of all sorts of complex module, assure product quality; 5.

Labour frequency / frequency conversion runs double loop design, in order to assure systematic breakdown when, do not affect production; 6.

Use design of whole sealing of independent air channel, dustproof, prevent gas, anticorrosion, environment to get used to ability strong, service life is longer 7.

Quality is good, stability is tall. Reservation of rate of tall section report records model machine oil path of original control means is changeless, use advanced microcomputer to control a technology, make mensurable pump turns into energy-saving model variable pump, system of hydraulic pressure of the machine that note model and the power that whole accident needs all right match, do not have the loss of energy of overflow of high-pressured reduce expenditure, raise element of power of oil pump electric machinery to 0.

96 above, section report rate can amount to 30% ~ commonly 65% , all investment 6 ~ 12 months can call in. Soft start reduce lock model to shake, prolong the service life of equipment and mould; Reduce noise, improve working environment; The system is calorific and apparent decrease, oily lukewarm stability, water consumption of refrigeration of the machine that note model can save 30% above; Prolong the service life of sealed component, reduce shutdown maintenance chance, a large number of economic maintenance charge. Operate simple and easy reservation to record model machine original control means and oil path are changeless, move with synchronism of the machine that note model, beardless any. Transducer of perfect series of EMC design S3000 uses perfect EMC to devise plan, internal composition optimizes a design, use a variety of EMI the way to deal with a situation, the interference that ensures to noting model Electromechanical enrages a system decreases the smallest, assure the stability that its work. CNC Milling