XTPDM offers the product data set of high conformity to become administrative platform

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XTPDM project is carried out build a strong built-in technology to support a system for the enterprise, form an unified and effective product data platform and data to exploit an environment, the compositive management that improves product data effectively and share a level. Limited company of machinery of oil of heart city combination only then built 1961, production is of all kinds oil getting adopts device, the tool reachs fittings. The DT that the company produces (heart explore) series product is had in each lard cropland relatively Gao Zhi name is spent, the product covers oil field of sea of domestic each mainland, the company is had excellent production and detect equipment, obtain DNV ISO9001 attestation and API product certification. Gain ground as what the development of the enterprise reachs computer technology, the enterprise uses the computer increasingly to undertake research and development of management, product and treatment are made etc. The vigorous growth of product information fast in the enterprise, but these much electron information are normally in protecting hard disk of existence this locality or common file server, cannot share in such as information so, monitoring of the effectiveness of safe, data, version, process, system is compositive wait for a respect to realize active management. Accordingly, earnestly needs system of a compositive management to manage and control all sorts of data in the enterprise, data shedding and job to flow, in order to fill minute of effect that develops interconnected system of computer science department, those who make sure company product develops a process is fast and efficient undertake. And product data manages (PDM) be it is a foundation with software, the technology of the information related management and product and the process related to the product, it can satisfy enterprise and product to concern the management of information, because machinery of this heart stone and Extech sign PDM,implement a contract. Although company of business demand analysis was made fill in accordingly standard, but order of the high speed development because of the enterprise, market is large, task of design personnel design is heavy, so normative execution did not get assuring effectively, report is on column of 2D blueprint caption the question is more, for example list style is skimble-scamble, the existence in individual list does not have plan bugle call or graph sign is not only wait for a circumstance, this affects the systematic collection to blueprint data; Of material, bought-in component fill in cannot unite, the stock that reflects in blueprint especially, purchasing, the link of storehouse management uses additionally one kind of description again, put in abhorrent circumstance, in affecting manufacturing process, purchase, get makings, assemble wait for the job, also go against reduce inventory number and managing cost. The technical documentation of heart stone machinery includes card of all sorts of blueprint, documentation, craft to wait. How to run the difficult point that all sorts of documentation are current computer management. Now according to client order, in basic model the course on product base changes model the design gets a new product, the reusability of blueprint is quite tall, and the file management function that relies on WINDOWS operating system at present is passed share folder, inquiry, browse extremely no-go, cannot undertake efficient data is shared control with attributive. In the enterprise, the design of mechanical product is changed use normally fill in the way that changes sheet undertakes, include: Change single number, involve component, extend branch, change content description to wait, need to examine and approve sign process, bask in finally send and extend relevant section, undertake blue print delimits change. In electronic blueprint change on, lack control, by the design him personnel holds, without the examination of electronic blueprint. To grafting part, very unmanageable correlation changes a problem, a large number of use new undertake replacing, change sheet consult not intuitionistic, also affected later of products plan use. The cycle that the product develops is shorter, the project is very much, the need such as control of the flow of evaluation, quality guards a pass strictly. Although system of quality of ISO9000, API developed flow to make detailed provision to new product, but the method that relies on artificial management at present is accomplished hard well and truly monitoring and harmonious, bring about these quality systems to carry out thereby flow at the form. The project carries out a target to achieve the administration of the product: Build a component and database of electron of documentation graph archives, electronic data has associated organization by product structure tree, undertake administrative to its version; Implementation retrieves of storehouse quickly to file data, the operation such as inquiry and output of the forms for reporting statistics that browse; Below the safe regulation that belongs to attributive in place of part, data, the data that realizes graph, documentation is shared. To whole change the process undertakes seasonable understanding and monitoring, administrative component is changed version and change the history. Administrative component changes sheet. Change a word fast announcement and feedback of sign after receiving sth. Convenient inquiry already some changes message. The basis has the process of research and development of the product, establish the administrative technological process that suits; The product data that generates to designing a process undertook the detailed classification of standardization; Archives of normative documentation graph signs careful flow and modificatory government technological process; The condition that belongs to organization, data in the light of project part, place makes corresponding administrative power be restricted, the information that establishs safety visits a model; File data focuses management, establish safety administration mechanism with perfect data. The system realized an analysis to already finished design data management, design to change the function such as management, design process management and systematic configuration in XTPDM at present, the weak environment that carries out to affecting PDM if plot standard, encode management made detailed provision, built relevant pattern plate, those who established a standard, the data that the electron converts is examined and approve with change technological process; Electron of the classification that builds component and graph documentation, configuration changes frame, form the company knowledge base that uses easily. The main source of the component that information of column of the caption in mechanical blueprint, detail is management of place of system of PDM, ERP and product structure data, work to reduce the follow-up input of data, desired result, we emphasize be in CAD cartography process, undertake filling in according to normative means, offer what the tool occupies into linage to call, fill in automatically according to the standard of the enterprise in blueprint, the record belongs to sexual relationship, such batch in blueprint are automatic in file process, have the extraction government of data well and truly. Design personnel installation is additional TeamDesign4 of 2D cartography tool.

1 hind, use blueprint of scale of unified plan frame; Column of form of its graph layer, line, color, caption, clear wait to all be unified format, prevented one person the occurrence of a standard, technologist builds craft file according to unified format, because this standard united company design standard and craft standard. Design personnel is in blueprint scale process stock encode, material, standard component chooses from fundamental library directly; Grafting part is direct from already the product database inquiry of file is gotten; Code by uniform code the tool is generated, examine put in storage by person specially assigned for a task, reduced wrong code and heavy code. PDM system still offerred fast, agile, diversiform data to inquire, the user is OK according to correlation of information of staff of component feature attribute, design, blueprint information, use a variety of retrieval such as information the condition combines inquiry, can locate according to inquiring the result is immediate at the same time blueprint, raised the rate of visit resource effectively, managing working hours. Can examine its all technology data in system of PDM, CAPP, contain a design file of documentation, craft, change attribute of requisition, component, detail attribute to wait, make XTPDM becomes the administrative platform of all technology data. The system offerred to work in coordination platform, personnel is related the project on this platform got the greatest natural resources is shared, design personnel can see directly / receive design job, seasonable follow-up project develops plan; The design is in charge of and lead OK and dynamic understanding / control product develops a case, shorten product research and development is periodic. What carry out implementation CAD system and PDM, ERP through XTPDM is compositive, design personnel can search the information such as ERP stock standard component, material, bought-in component in time in CAD environment; Design personnel gets stock encode, material, standard component from inside fundamental database, and list of PDM output stock gives design, craft, birth, purchase personnel to offer convenient, provide data source for ERP system. This project is carried out build a strong built-in technology to support a system for the enterprise, form an unified and effective product data platform and data to exploit an environment, the compositive management that improves product data effectively and share a level; The project in improving products plan process effectively organizes level of management; What assure product technology file and data effectively is complete and unified; The newest data that can provide relevant product and configuration to supervise staff of etc of personnel of policymaker, design and convenient and quick across-the-board inquiry step; The labor intensity that reduces design personnel to manage technical file in working process truly, improve design work efficiency, strategy of camp of the already that it is look forward to by cost, quality to answer market change to create a condition quickly, reduce a product effectively to make cost. CNC Milling