System of numerical control of engine of numerical control cut does not stabilize the solution of the element

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We speak of the element with not stable system of influence numerical control, will talk about not stable to these element how to will be solved with everybody today. Numerical control system is right whole mechanism undertakes controlling commanding function, of the brand of numerical control system that uses at present, the action of every system is same, but on certain function and differ somewhat on stability. In using an operation, at present a few clients can encounter a few problems, have cut interpolation operation when software for example for instance when, once cut worker undertakes decelerate is operated adding, can bring about cut to the process is interrupted and die instantly machine. To everybody simple introduction issues what numerical control system does not stabilize an element to settle way below: The first: Hardware axis blocks interpolation operation to block interpolation operation to replace software interpolation operation through hardware axis, realize the pretreatment of cut process and control of real time cut, avoid much progress of much job of Windows operating system to be not real time control to bring about cut to break dead machine. The 2nd: "One key type " the numerical control system with automatic advanced and perfect cut is not to depend on Windows operates platform, however cut controls software, want technology perfect, operation rate of simple, automation is high. What need because of enterprise and cut worker is an operation simple, automation rate is high. System of blue dispatch numerical control with " one key type " mode of operation implements automatic cut. The 3rd: Avoid CPU of level of fan, low power comsumption, industry to use the CPU of low power comsumption that does not bring fan, not only CPU is calorific low, and the instability that eliminates fan, increase the stability of numerical control system effectively. The 4th: Broad lukewarm class, aseismatic move, maintenance-free electron hard disk is used at present the most advanced electron hard disk replaces mechanical hard disk, eliminate the instability of mechanical hard disk, avoid virus to be opposite the enroach on of hard disk and system, temperature accommodation is wide, aseismatic move maintenance-free. CNC Milling