The diagnosis of bearing manages

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To make the bearing of scroll provides some performance, can maintain below good condition use for a long time, must undertake check and maintaining to bearing, this kind of examination and maintain (the bearing that add a page sees store surely before bearing is installed) , it is very important to preventing breakdown ahead of schedule, hope basis fits the operation criterion of machine movement condition, undertake be checked regularly and maintaining, use following methods commonly: 3.

The property of the examination that the scroll sound according to bearing, oscillatory, temperature checks in the amount is being gotten below 1 movement condition and lubricant is checked, the complement of lubricant or change time undertakes judging. Detailed circumstance sees the 4th content: The examination in movement and breakdown are handled. 3.

The regular examination that 2 bearing examination observes a machine adequately and change and tear open bearing of heart issueing Lai, state of examination raceway face and nondestructive injury is reached can deny use again, detailed circumstance requests an audience the 5th content: The examination of bearing. CNC Milling