Those who talk about transducer is daily and perambulatory with care and maintenance

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Transducer is technology of applied frequency conversion and microelectronics technology, the electric power that through changing electric machinery means of frequency of working power source controls AC motor controls device. Transducer is main by rectification (communication becomes straight to flow) , filter wave, inversion (dc changes communication) , the composition such as unit of small processing of unit of apply the brake, driving unit, detecting element. Transducer relies on the leaves to adjust output power supply voltage of in-house IGBT and frequency, will offer the power source voltage that its need according to the real need of electric machinery, achieve the goal of energy-saving, timing then. The transducer of the factory is used because of long-term and high frequency rate, must get it is certain to accomplish perambulatory, safeguard and maintain. We mix with respect to perambulatory content below method of care and maintenance talks simply: The daily and perambulatory ear of transducer listens, range estimation, tactility and odour. General and perambulatory content has: (Whether does surroundings, temperature, humidity accord with 1) requirement. (The air inlet of 2) transducer and give blast tuyere to have without dirt retention, whether be blocked up dead by dirt retention. (Whether is the noise of 3) transducer, oscillatory, odour in normal limits. (It is normal that 4) transducer runs parameter and face plate to show. The maintenance of low-pressure and small-sized transducer and maintain the small-power transducer that low-pressure and small-sized transducer points to the job to go up in 380V(220V) of low-pressure electrified wire netting. In controlling ark with installation of perpendicular hanging form more, its are safeguarded regularly and maintain basically include: (1) regular examination removes dust (the main parameter that 2) checks circuit regularly, be like: Main circuit and control circuit voltage are normal. (3) checks the periphery circuit of transducer and establishment regularly, if whether resistor of examination apply the brake, contactor is normal, whether does lead join become loose. (4) judges the life of yuan of parts of an apparatus according to safeguarding information, if electroanalysis capacitance and fan, answer to change in time when use time exceeds life. Safeguard of transducer of high-pressured cabinet form regularly with maintain high-pressured transducer shows working voltage is in the transducer of 6kV above. All be cabinet form commonly, its are safeguarded regularly with maintain besides consult the maintenance of transducer of above low pressure and maintain besides the clause, still have the following content: (Safeguard what 1) generatrix discharges regularly: Have without be out of shape, become loose and insulation damage issue. (2) is checked regularly to part of main circuit commutate, inversion, if use avometer,undertake be metricaled regularly to power semiconductor device. (3) is checked to what wiring discharges, if terminal platoon has,take off without ageing, pine, line skin has without damaged. (If 4) can is opposite conditionally the dc weaveform after filter wave, inversion output weaveform and composition of harmonic of input power source undertake determining. CNC Milling