System of open mode numerical control reachs his to apply

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The article basically introduces Shanghai to open Kt600 of numerical control limited company to open the product structure of system of type numerical control, the key introduced Shanghai to open numerical control Kt600-b to fold system of curved engine numerical control and word of Kt270/kt290 total number to communicate servo drive system to lose the applied case of curved machine in numerical control of mechanical electron servo. Numerical control system equips as the core of numerical control machine tool, a few essential industries to national economy (wait like industry of aviation of national defence war industry, spaceflight, It, car, light industrial, metallurgy, medical treatment) the effect with the mainer and mainer move since development. Open mode, intelligence is changed, the main trend that network makes system of contemporary numerical control develop. Limited company of Shanghai enlightened numerical control is one of units that home is engaged in numerical control system and system of communication servo drive the earliest studying development, production. It is Inc. of Shanghai electric group base of industrialization of central academy numerical control, the company comes more than 10 years, devote oneself to numerical control technology and the research and development that exchange servo drive technology, undertake with abroad the technology cooperates, gained the success of plentiful and substantial. Current, main component popularizes product of numerical control system model system of numerical control of complete function closed circuit, embedded intermediate numerical control system and be based on fiber-optic servo bus line to open system of type numerical control 3 old series. Product standards has car, mill, grind, gear hobbing, cut, turn board, punch, circle reed, apply extensively already at production. The norms of system of drive of digitlization communication servo from 0.

4kw ~ 22kw, form seriation, undertook dimensions turns production. Product besides with form a complete set of numerical control machine tool outside, wide still application is in spin, printing and dyeing, presswork, pack, on the machinery such as glass, feed, microelectronics. Partial numerical control and servo drive product already exported Japan and United States. System of numerical control of Kt600 open mode this product is with American Softservo the company cooperates, develop on the platform of numerical control system that is based on fiber-optic servo bus line. Systematic characteristic is as follows: The architecture that · opens, complete software controls a system; · is based on platform of dual operating system of Linux + Rt-linux and Windows2000/xp, friendly graphical man-machine interface; · uses computer of 2 fiber-optic implementation and module of general servo interface, i/o module communication, join goes to the lavatory simply, reliability is high, most controallable 16 axes; · is embedded Pc framework, 12.

Liquid crystal of 1 inch of color shows, usb interface and network interface; Outline control sees before · is dynamic, high speed of small line segment, high accuracy is machined; · is real time software Plc module, have 416 smooth segregation to input output dot; · Swsdk development kit, have the visit capacity of processes of pair of all real time and resource, of command of control of system of the setting that includes equipment management, parameter, Nc, Plc command, Nc and servo condition detect etc. The user can use the application software that develops his; Use a field: Numerical control machine tool, robot, presswork the automation such as facilities of treatment of product of light industrial and machinery of package machine, spin, mechanical, electron, automatic product line equips. System of Kt600 numerical control passes module of fiber-optic servo bus line and module of Dc150 servo interface, Im300 I/o interface to have communication and control, if the graph is shown 1 times,systematic hardware is configured. Graph the software Servoworks that the hardware of 1 system deploys system of numerical control of graph   Kt600 can be divided for two administrative levels, one is the application software of demand of application of contented and disparate industry, it moves in Windows of current operating system or in the user space of Linux; One is control of the sport when solid reality (include interpreter, interpolation, position to control) control software with the real time of Plc, the real time that it runs in the operating system is patulous dimensional Rtx or in Rt Linux. Application software and software of real time control have communication through Servoworks Api. Overall software structure is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph Servoworks of   of structure of 2 overall software offers rich user to develop a tool, Servoworks Sdk, its core part is Swapi. It provides all sorts of function of need of place of system of design numerical control, if systematic initialization, speed is mixed,setting of positional control, system and servo control parameter, hand is moved and the collection of operation of automatic treatment means, data and condition, system is diagnosed oneself, synchro control, Plc commands the axis etc. These Api provide the complete visit capability of processes of pair of all real time and resource, the user can use it to develop his application software. This product has system of drive of servo of communication of word of Kt270/ Kt290 total number the following characteristic: Torsion of · wide speed ratio, constant: Speed ratio is 1: 5000; · high rate, high accuracy: Top rotate speed can amount to 3000r/min; Precision of · circumgyrate fixed position 1 / 10000r; · operation is handy, surveillant function is all ready; · has pulse position and imitate rate 2 kinds of inputs control fashion; Function of · electron gear; Limits of Nextpage   power: · Kt270 series: 0.

4kw ~ 5.

Series of Kt290 of · of 4kw     : 5.

If the graph is shown 3 times,380v of three-phase of 4kw ~ 22kw inputs the outline drawing of this product directly. The example of outline drawing application of system of drive of servo of communication of word of total number of graph 3 Kt270/ Kt290 - numerical control of mechanical electron servo folds curved machine Shanghai to develop the country that cuts development of machine tool mill numerical control of servo of electron of machinery of the first Me50/2550 loses curved chance (see a picture 4) , the Kt600-b that used limited company of enlightened numerical control folds system of curved engine numerical control and word of Kt270/kt290 total number to communicate servo drive system, replaced former number of feed inlet to accuse system and hydraulic pressure servo. Graph numerical control of servo of 4 mechanical electrons folds principle of curved chance construction this machine tool passes the positional feedback that holds the grating foot in two side, have synchro control of complete closed circuit to the motion of slide block by system of Kt600-b numerical control. Ever since the servo electric machinery that archives makings uses Kt270 drive 1kw. Slide block by the high-power servo electric machinery of 11kw of 2 Kt290 drive, through puissant and flexible transmission takes synchronous drive, make slide block moving balance fast. Because use structure of pulley block drive, make pressure distributings to go up in whole slide block equably, solved fluid drive effectively to change the difficult problem of metabolic of slide block deflection that curved machine cannot overcome, ensured the consistency of the angle that fold a turn, accordingly, the numerical control of this kind of type loses curved chance not only have very tall repeat fixed position precision, and the treatment that suits long workpiece more works. The soft hardware platform that the control demand that loses curved chance according to numerical control of mechanical electron servo and Kt600 open place of system of type numerical control to offer, below Linux operating system, built the angle that fold a turn computation and correction model, fight interference to optimize algorithmic model and model of computation of the pressure that fold a turn, machine the characteristic of craft and operation according to losing curved chance, design application software of friendly graphical man-machine interface. The real time that developed numerical control to lose curved chance on Servoworks Sdk platform controls software, all sorts of functions that realized the synchro control to slide block and place of the treatment that fold a turn to need, its function and function reached the advanced level of foreign congener product. Because used servo electric machinery to replace control of hydraulic pressure servo, the machines convention of precision prep above numerical control that numerical control of servo of Me50/2550 mechanical electron loses curved chance loses curved chance, and have noise the characteristic such as the low, oil that do not have leakage, it is the new product of environmental protection of a kind of green. If the graph of typical man-machine interface of Kt600-b pursues 5, the graph is shown 6 times. Graph graph of 5 treatment process shows the interface pursues 6 upper mould edit an interface CNC Milling