The application of EC20 series PLC on equipment of cut of fixed length of fine dried noodles

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Overview: Accurate fixed length controls equipment to often ask to have high speed input and function of high speed output, should coordinate again at the same time the action coordinates between many equipment. PLC because its collect high speed, communication and control function at a suit, be gone to by wider and wider application in equipment of fixed length cut. The article applies EC20 series PLC of Aimosheng to machine of cut of fine dried noodles, input signal through receiving the high speed of text monitor information and coder, use high speed outputs drive servo amplifier and communication controls transducer, realize the accurate control of noodle cut length thereby. One, fine dried noodles of systematic craft introduction just is being produced when coming out, be not what see at ordinary times like us smallish in that way, however length is made an appointment with 1.

A 3 meters length is long string, accordingly the edible to suit people and convenient carry, need is its cut length proper a certain number of paragraph. The need before long range cut hangs his on face lever artificially, pass later advocate the link up with on conveyer belt enters face lever and long range area facility. After cutting tool back end is close to switch induction to arrive to face lever, movement of control cutting tool cuts face lever and fine dried noodles from, and right now fine dried noodles has been guided by a pair face gyro wheel is pinned continue to advance ahead. After this cutting tool is ceaseless behavioral cut noodle, secure time or the action suspends after length, wait to leave one lever area. Of noodle cut machine advocate transmission is 3.

7KW electric machinery, you Aimo gives birth to transducer timing to control; Cutting tool movement is drive of servo electric machinery, by servo amplifier control; Provide text video at the same time, use at setting tangent plane length and supervisory equipment condition; Transmission bearing of ohmic dragon type of 1000 lines increment rotates coder; Core controls an orgnaization to give birth to EC20-PLC for Ai Mo. 2, craft requirement length: Length is the noodle that demand cut gives to arrive from 100mm 400mm, the least scope that can adjust is 1mm, allow error ± 2mm. Advocate electric machinery rotate speed: For energy-saving, when every suspend cover of a few lever continuously, need falls electric machinery frequency, till lowermost set rotate speed; Come continuously when every when face of a few lever, need general electric machinery is slow increase frequency, till highest set rotate speed. Cutting tool movement: Because cutting tool is Shuang Ren model, accordingly every time cut movement is roll half rounds, and the rotate speed of cutting tool cannot pass slow, prevent noodle to be in brief accumulation in cutting tool. Cut knife counts: Below chief to sheet of fixed noodle overall length, fixed fine dried noodles condition, the knife number of cut of every lever face is fixed. But knife number is in be less than real value less than should be adjustable, because grow an area sometimes,the part may have at the back of bend wait for a problem, cannot make for finished product. In the meantime, the rest part needs to reclaim to make growing range afresh, accordingly need is broken into pieces. Do structure of nextpage3, wiring and the electric structure that show integral system pursue as follows: ? Shen of  of Mu of You of  of joint of bones of numerous Xing of  of  of sole of naphthalene of  of Xing of  of Ji of know well of Gu Xie dusk relatively the PORT0 communication port of monitor of Jie? text and EC20 uses MODBUS agreement news report, among them PLC serves as from the station. Advocate the length that the message that the station sends basically has one lever to grow an area, the sheet of cut fine dried noodles is long, cut knife is counted, the hand is moved / automatic switch; The information that returns from the station includes current transducer running frequency, already cut knife number, total face staff counts computation to wait. The PORT1 communication port of transducer and EC20 uses news report of free mouth agreement. The PLC in moving is sent to transducer start, stop, frequency set commands 3 kinds, specific send hour and send cycle to be controlled by the logic in the program. Coder sends the X0 of PLC and X1 signal of two-phase of A, B respectively. Function of computation of PLC application high speed is right coder signal computation, be calculated through interior and decide after commutation when movement of drive servo amplifier. The high speed of servo amplifier and PLC outputs terminal Y0 join, the frequency of the high speed pulse that outputs through PLC and amount determine the rotate speed of cutting tool and position. 4, the implementation length control of craft: In receiving coder signal PLC control accurately in order to realize length, it is OK to need to find the corresponding concern between coder and noodle length find the corresponding concern between coder and noodle length only actually. Measure through process designing experiment, what coder of 10 lever fine dried noodles sends pulse number to be 70610, be informed the length between every face lever to be 1527mm through be being measured actually again, can get pulse of every millimeter correspondence to count from this for 4.

624. Because this needs only,multiply in length of set of program lieutenant general with 4.

624, produce cutting tool action when high speed computation achieves this requirement can. Advocate electric machinery rotate speed adjusts: If this craft comes true according to original requirement directly, the program is revised bigger, how is difficulty judged namely " successive " . If use the concept of time-interval to judge successive, be possible below the circumstance of fixed rotate speed. But be in a few times " successive " later, the other side asks to increase rotate speed, corresponding time-interval also will be changed, this is used at judgement with respect to the requirement " successive " time staff guage also should change continuously, and the change of the change of time-interval and transducer frequency is not complete linear relation, the issue is more complex. This second those who use is a kind of approximate implementation method: Every time face lever arrival increases frequency namely, and signal is close to to reduce frequency without face lever inside proper time. What the experimental result of this method asks with the user roughly is identical. Cutting tool movement: The movement of cutting tool is by servo amplifier pilot, be informed need to receive 17173 pulse to turn half rounds through program actual measurement (the knife is Shuang Ren) . Problem of cutting tool rotate speed: Need to find conveyer belt only actually the corresponding cutting tool rotate speed when top rotate speed, those who wait for scale relation to be able to realize noodle maintain not to have accumulation between them. Pass spot actual measurement, achieve in conveyer belt rotate speed highest when, the pulse frequency that cutting tool servo receives is 90KHz effect optimal. Cut knife number is adjustable: This problem can interpret a kind of change that is overall length of fine dried noodles, because this needs the time that regular cut provides only, odd part high speed is rotational can. Those who need an attention is high speed every circuit should spend a fixed time when roll, be close to the roll before signal comes to make the likelihood the system misses this to be close to signal in what leave one lever area consequently. To avoid this kind of appearance, need already decided through length according to noodle the last high speed is rotational. Bencili feedbacks with the B photograph in coder the length of noodle, when pulse number is more than 6000 when (had crossed noodle 1.

3m) , no longer high speed movement. CNC Milling