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Most the batch treatment that 3 knives tower carries uses compound treatment machine " NZ series "

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Normal >NZ series is most can configure 3 knives tower, all knife tower carries the compound treatment opportunity that has BMTTM and Y axis function. As great ability, flange, axis batch machines a machine, the accurate component batch that waits for each domain in machine of machine of car component, electric communication, oil pressure pneumatics machines a respect to be able to come true efficient treatment. Normal >NZ fastens the requirement of the diversification that labelled contented client, provided specification 10 kinds of type of each different. The NZ1500 that divides correspondence of 6 inches of chuck and 8 inches of NZ2000 of chuck correspondence two kinds, arrive without Y axis function from double knife tower function of 3 Y axis can offer 3 knives tower choice. Tower of a knife can install 16 cutting tool, can install 48 cutting tool at most, working procedure has sex little can come true thereby long unmanned movement. Facilitating processing cuts the equipment of the structure of bits and function of examination of 3 dimension interference, make operate personnel to be able to install a person's mind to undertake successive movement and outfit are placed. Normal >T3Y3 all embark on 3 knives tower have Y axis function and BMTTM. Can pass 3 knives tower not only while treatment will come true substantially working procedure intensive, usable still rotate cutting tool undertakes heavy cut, high speed is machined, the treatment opportunity photograph of handling time and double main shaft of original double knife tower is compared, shortened about 40% (it is with NZ1500 T3Y3 exemple) . Normal Align=center>normal >normal > ■ specialty Normal >1.

All Dao Dajun embarks have BMTTMnormal > all knife the standard matchs stock BMTTM. Rotate power of cutter spindle output is with level 7 the biggest.

5 KW, top rotate speed is Normal >6, 000 Min-1 (optional configuration is 12, 000 Min-1) , have both heavy cut sex, high speed sex. In addition, t3 can install Normal > adds up to 48 (every knife tower 16) cutting tool, improved productivity greatly. Normal >normal >2.

Shortened substantially handling time Normal > realized much knife tower not only, machine, and because shortened,return the 1st main shaft and the; of butt joint time of workpiece realized feed speed to reach between the 2nd main shaft rotated to the high speed of cutting tool changes; and shorten the behavioral time of next makings machine, shortened considerably consequently handling time. Normal >normal >3.

Rose to cut bits to handle function Normal > deploys method of the layout of tower leaving a sword, tubing inside machine shield, rose to cut the processing function of bits. The Normal > solved the problem that cuts bits to pile up to go up at knife tower. In addition, through eliminating the gap of bonnet structure thoroughly, prevent to cut bits to enter bonnet interior, normal > protects slideway face and ball guide screw not to suffer the enroach on that cuts bits. Normal >normal >4.

The 3 dimension interference that carried MAPPSIII of new generation operating system checks functional Normal > uses 3 dimension to interfere examination function but the complex action that the athletic synchronism with the machine confirms much knife tower, detect when interference, the machine can be established Normal > is engraved stop, prevent to bump thereby. Also pay attention to the operation sex of control equipment at the same time, do not bring to bear on to operation personnel mental pressure, for efficient add Normal > job gave great contribution. Normal >normal >5.

Whole set has Normal >NZ series is the requirement of contented client, provided the model of rich and colorful. Chuck dimension (6 inches or 8 inches) , of tower of the 3rd knife have without, of Y axis function have without can offer an alternative, have 10 kinds of type in all. CNC Milling