Machine of boring of beat of apply the brake is automatic the design of feed structure and make

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Beat of car apply the brake is one of spare partses of car brake system. Pair of its job surfaces need to undertake fixed position boring before installation, the form that appears in order to reduce after installation error. Repair plant of company of the first motor transportation designs the author and treasure chicken city jointly made simple and easy apply the brake beat boring machine, classics use result is favorable. The article basically introduces this machine the design principle of automatic feed structure. 1 principle involute ages principle of poor planet drive uses involute internal gear and external gear namely less, make its age several difference are 1 to the drive of a kind of clench the teeth of 3. Process of its clench the teeth is shown like graph 1a) place, internal gear B is fixed do not move, installation of planetary gear G is in eccentric shafe (on the H) that tie staff. When the H that tie staff rotates, the tine of the teeth of a cogwheel of planetary gear G and internal gear B is ordinal photograph clench the teeth, had turned when the H that tie staff when a week, because planetary gear is less than internal gear (or a few) tine, cause planetary gear irrecoverable to position of initiative clench the teeth, and miss (or a few) tine photograph clench the teeth, this is equivalent to planetary gear to turned over direction to had turned the angle of a tine 2 π / Zg, be like Zb-zg=z, criterion planetary gear to turned over direction to had turned 2 π of 2 × / Zg angle, other analogize. Graph 1 involute is little principle of differential of the clench the teeth outside aging poor planet drive is reached 2 orgnaizations are out of shape little tine differs planetary main transfer machinery to apply in the project relatively extensive, this kind of orgnaization is commonly inside form of drive of clench the teeth. When oneself are designing apply the brake of simple and easy car to rouse the feed orgnaization of boring machine, used the differential principle of this orgnaization, and particular structure was used outside form of drive of clench the teeth, its principle shows like graph 1b) place: Gear K and gear the diameter of 2 is identical, it is gear K ages many times 2 than gear only, k and filar mother secure coupling, k of filar mother along with can be worn in semicircle board 1 inside rotational (2) seeing a picture; Gear 2 use the oriented coupling that make the same score key with filar lever. Should pull out when handle, axis key of 9 end panel and gear coupling, right now, gear 10 mix with gear K at the same time gear 2 clench the teeth. Because gear K compares gear 1 many 2 tine, so every turn a week two gear phase is complex the angle of a transverse tooth thickness, should have turned after Zk is encircled (the tine that Zk is gear K counts) , filar mother rotated on filar lever a week, such, filar lever bolo stage 5 push a pitch ahead. If push handle, gear 10 with the axis key of 9 end panel is broken away from, gear does not turn, feed motion stops. 1.

Semicircle is worn board 2.

Gear of connection guide screw 3.

Guide screw 4.

Bracket 5.

Bolo stage 6.

The penknife is worn 7.

The canister that hold a knife 8.

Main shaft carries a lid 9.

Axis 10.

Gear of input feed exercise 11.

Leather belt annulus 12.

Casing 13.

Electric equipment box 14.

Base 15.

Electric machinery pursues 3 machines construction sees opportunity of boring of beat of apply the brake of 2 simple and easy cars graph 2. 1) total construction this machine by base 14, casing 12, knife stage and walk along knife orgnaization 1-10, electric equipment automatically to control box 13 wait for a few parts to comprise. After switch on the mobile phone, electric machinery 15 classics leather belt annulus 11 input motion casing 12, after passing two class decelerate 1999.

5 by main shaft 8 output. 8 front are main shaft whorl, the around with tailor-made mount two conic piece, come back close nut can will install in flange dish the impaction of beat of apply the brake that go up is on main shaft, and around two conic piece have centering effect. 2) walks along filar lever feed the system taking a knife of this machine uses as contrary as structure of traditional mother walking along silk form, use the means of filar lever namely. The characteristic with this kind of the oldest way is a structure simple, it omited the complex clutch operation in structure of mother walking along silk, this to machine increasing capacity is necessary for finite garage. 4 operate the strike of apply the brake that characteristic wire-puller will want to machine is superior, right knife, unplug skill handle can undertake boring automatically. After boring of beat of apply the brake is good, spacing switch jockeys automatically, buzzer is informed. This machine can retreat a knife artificially quickly: Handle of in the right way of filar lever extreme, handgrip is inserted to shake reversely when retreating a knife a bolo can. The action of force of axial of 1) of a few 5 problems is the gear K that because boring axial force is caused,reduces and gear 2 reach the attrition between bracket, this machine in above two place are lain between of end panel bearing or brass mat. 2) is chosen change a gear is theoretic tell, the two gear that age number differs are in on same axis in the meantime with one gear clench the teeth, if still use standard gear to be able to produce interference phenomenon, should choose for this change a gear. The place before the influence that 3) ages number differs pair of treatment surface surface roughness is like is narrated, every turn K of a week gear and gear the 2 angle that missed a transverse tooth thickness each other, namely: 2 π / Zk, if age number differs △ Z=zk-z2=z, kk criterion two rounds miss 2 × each other 2 π / Zk angle, such analogize. See not hard, △ Z value is greater, feed amount is larger, the surface roughness that machines the surface is bigger, this also is this machine choose tine to count difference to be one of reasons of 1. CNC Milling