Solve car component to machine " bottleneck " effective method

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To solve car component the bottleneck on high grade, efficient production, get used to the need that much breed, big batch produces, development of Inc. of machine tool of case of German Sa horse went 1 ~ of 3 main shaft flexible treatment is unit (FMC) . Of the efficiency of private plane of collect of this series machine tool and machining center flexible for an organic whole, can satisfy the need that automobile industry big batch produces already, have machining center to be changed quickly again those who produce is flexible characteristic. Yi Ke is pressed fine beg the workbench with corresponding choice and knife library, realize polyhedron thereby, the treatment of complex form face and aperture. Tigidity of reasonable design tall trends reduced auxiliary time to pursue the 1 requirement that is stability of contented and contemporary machine tool, FMC lathe bed uses a name to be " HYDROPOL " material is made. This kinds mineral base cast and traditional data phase are compared, have better hot stability and larger thermal capacity. In addition, because tall tigidity reachs the machine tool structure of Gao Kangzhen sex, can obtain a spare parts to machine better exterior quality. Two pillar were installed in the rear of lathe bed, on the perpendicular slideway of pillar, what of a type that take the door actuating device and hydraulic pressure weigh equalizer is dangerous extend workbench (graph 1) . When changing a knife, dangerous extend the workbench blame in coexistence column area of mutual connective upside is mobile. The main shaft box of integral type accommodates main shaft of 300mm(FMC-3 of 3 be apart) electric main shaft, pass direction of X of crossed slip edge and Z direction shift. Be linked together cheek by jowl the slip that decorate because its are tall trends is rigid and make equipment has precision of high fixed position and tall treatment precision. The main shaft that use phone is made there is higher security in giving priority to transmission shaft to machine a process to assure deep aperture, chose configuration of horizontal main shaft, the characteristic of this kind of structure is need not use cooling lubricant in great quantities. Workpiece is to be hanged on clamp device, cut bits to fall directly transverse the broad platoon bits that decorate implement inside, avoided effectively to put stay in the box that cut bits or fall on the cant that discharge bits. On standard machine tool, the configuration of king drive is high-power report main shaft, rotate speed limits is 4000 ~ 16000r/min. Turn up 12000r/min, starting time is 1s about. Below the starting time of 100 % , the drive power of every main shaft is 20kW(option 30kW) . Press standard regulation, cutting tool gripping sleeve is HSK63. In X, Y, Z3 on the axis, the feed power of every axis is 8kW, feed speed is 1 ~ 6000mm/min, sudden shift is 60m/min. The power of the circular refrigeration confused of two report main shaft is 135kW. The machining center of the tradition of the means that change a knife of capture type changes knife system is a when affect life of electric main shaft main factor. For this, FMC machine tool abandoned changing knife orgnaization, the acting capture type with HSK63 clamp broach shell changes a knife. On library of traditional knife of type of dial coming back or chain knife library, because broach shell wants overhead to move quickly, reason must its firmly locking. System of this kind of capture and like blocking strict formula to trade knife unit, be collided easily, and the library of disk type knife that FMC collects appliance to have function of perpendicular runner shaft coming back, plastic broach shell has project of high strenth wear-resisting larger locking area, can hold cutting tool position reliably thereby. According to experience, when batch is produced, the program moves in the order of each called cutting tool, can weave on knife library the position is piled up and memory rises. If change the whole exercise of the main shaft box that the place when the knife asks to carry out,do not have again additional put through and rotate functional word, at this moment the time that change a knife is the the shortest, most reliable. The basic structure of the library of disk type knife of this kind of new development is by 8 have 10 knives each pectination knife box comprises, after box of a knife has been used, library of disk type knife has placed the position of box of a knife again. Send a knife to ensure reliable, return premeditate one reads the hand that keeps a head to move of what can identify cutting tool auxiliary send a knife implement. To rise flexible, in can classify knife box selectively or stocking auxiliary knife library, here the circumstance falls most bolo library capacity is 150 knives, yi Kecun puts boring head (when adjacent knife is vacant, cutting tool diameter can amount to 160mm, grow 320mm, weigh 10kg) , cut bits - the time that cut bits is 4s. Workpiece exchange time needs 6s bits to use numerical control only turn board bracket replaces perpendicular workpiece bracket advocate the characteristic that rotor decorates is the effect that discharge bits good, the gravitational action of workpiece is on installed surface, raised the dependability of the process actually. Its design plan to be: The horizontal that wears as workpiece swings drive shaft (A) one aspect of the matter contains a planar gear, along with move end to be pedestal. Planar dish the diameter is 345mm, clamping apparatus crosses the clamp face of the bridge to be 960mm × 380mm. In addition, the exchange of workpiece does not need to use the tray that has crucial connection process to exchange in the area that cut bits, because swinging jointly,two workpiece were arranged to wear relatively on lever. Provide an independence each but NC pilot swings axis. Because swing,axial lever circles horizontal axis circumgyrate 180 degrees, workpiece did not cut bits almost, as collateral as handling time, hand in those who change workpiece to go up makings area and damp area are separated. The whole area that expects the doorknob workpiece of the area wears upper part on is opened, of such nonexistent automation go up makings problem. Still one is used optionally at the vertical B rod that 5 coordinate process, the plane that it has a diameter to be 210mm dish, clamp face is 220mm(tall) ) of × 200mm(diameter. Graph all reference axis of <DIV Align=left>FMC of precision of 2 tall treatment all use absolute value to measure a system to undertake metrical, thereby position of reference axis of for love or money determines exclusively. All swinging the axis all uses gear of planar clench the teeth, of fork swing axial installation is on the sidewall of box form lathe bed, of lathe bed hind two strong rigid pillar were installed on flank, what pillar jacket has door type drive and hydraulic pressure counterbalance is dangerous extend workbench, do not connect in coexistence column each other above area moves, in order to exchange workpiece. Installation is the main shaft box of the integral structure of the electric main shaft of 450mm in two span, with a planar cross slide block is in direction of X, Y moves. It is when dynamic stiffness is taller, this kind of structure has good oriented sex. </DIV><DIV Align=left> changes to the lathe bed null that causes by temperature, one has the strong tall lathe bed of the interface of be heated of lesser can refrigerative fluid, with smooth and long lathe bed look is compared, its advantage is clearly. According to VDI/DGQ standard, the positional public errand of coordinate of X, Y, Z is 12µm, average position is spent dispersedly for 8um, repeat fixed position precision to be 2µm. FMC need not increase special foundation, because hang,extending workbench is special pipe structure, athletic quality is very small, raise athletic speed and acceleration further likely consequently. </DIV><DIV Align=left> and FMC of unit of treatment of double main shaft - 2 photographs are compared, the FMC of 3 main shaft - 3I circumgyrate bracket by a level place an axis (W) is formed, it a working area in be in damp area and advocate makings area is separated. Use this to decorate a form to be able to make workpiece changes with treatment be able to synchronism undertakes. Still having one characteristic was to obtain first-rate to discharge bits the effect and going up makings area holds clip work in order, got higher process security in be machined actually thereby. The door of loading area is worn through workpiece circumgyrate open whole treatment area, although full automatic material is transmitted also won't be allowed why to be affected. The two side that placing an axis decorated horizontal rotor each (A1, a2) . 3 all reference axis are mixed in transmission gear closes to finish through end panel pharynx in following a pedestal, in tall tangential fixed position precision can come true to be ± 2µm when tigidity. The largest effective space that by workpiece device of circumgyrate wearing, clamp and workpiece form, be equivalent to the cylinder body dimension of 950mm of a 700 × . And as option, can install the two rotor that take B1-B3 of 3 runner shaft coming back (A1, a2) , realize 5 treatment thereby. The diameter can make for the big mesa of 280mm every workbench outfit places 2 parts, every workbench adds up to gear and an add clamping apparatus through end panel pharynx, be in good positional position from beginning to end. The effective clamp range that the working mesa that forms by clamp device and workpiece can offer 295 × 300mm. </DIV> pursues the producer face that FMC of limits of 3 main application basically uses in the structural member such as car engine, drive-box, batholith and braking system all. A few main cars that are in Europe and component manufactory use this kinds of device mostly, in order to achieve the batch on the product, go up the purpose of class. Its are main typical treatment workpiece is: Total pump of apply the brake / lid of cent pump, crock, connecting rod, crankshaft / camshaft (two end panel) , bearing lid, poor fast implement housing, batch, change housing to body / the component such as body of a powerful person, wide application uses a powerful person at hydraulic pressure steam kind, pump kind, the workpiece such as cylinder body of compressor of dynamoelectric tool, freezer is machined (graph 2) . Manufacturing efficiency twice increases FMC double main shaft to machined unit to eliminate the weak point of traditional machining center. Its X, Y, Z3 the journey of reference axis is 450mm, 500mm, 450mm respectively, the span of two main shaft is 450mm. Machining center of double main shaft can improve productivity 1 times above, two jobs main shaft all can use head of much axis boring to machine at the same time, make productivity is able to rise again. In addition the acceleration of the floating rate of 60m/min and 1g makes auxiliary time decreases greatly. FMC-3(graph 3) and FMC-2 photograph are compared, manufacturing efficiency can raise 30 % again. This type is in FMC - develop on 2 series foundation, its X, Y, Z3 the journey of coordinate direction is 300mm, 500mm and 450mm respectively. Electric machinery main shaft is decorated by be apart 300mm, position of two main shaft can adjust outboard, speed speed is 60m/min. Express 1 for typical car spare parts -- total pump of car apply the brake, machining center of special machine tool, odd main shaft and treatment of double main shaft are unit (FMC - the contrast of 2) treatment efficiency. Equipment type apply the brake advocate the crock machines double main shaft of machining center of main shaft of special machine sheet to machine unit to install clip spare parts to count (/ second) inspect head amount how many and calm 4 4 advocate cutting time (second) about 94 about 94 auxiliary time (second) about 440 about CNC Milling