How to measure the voltage that laser of laser engraving tool is in charge of

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If laser provides the appearance that occurrence energy is reduced or measures trivially, how much is the input voltage that we want to check laser to be in charge of above all, consider other possibility again next. Laser carves Electromechanical source board outputs the voltage that is in charge of to laser below normal circumstance is dc 48V, although exterior voltage is normal, if power source board has the circumstance of breakdown to fall, the likelihood won't be in charge of rated 48V voltage to laser, this meeting causes laser to provide energy attenuation or job abnormal. It is to detect below the method of laser canal voltage: 1 close machine, unplug next laser run power source outlet. 2 switch on the mobile phone, transmit document of carven of the place when occurrence breakdown, begin to carve by regular job program (cut) . 3 observation this outlet, have a certain number of roots fine electrical wiring and composition of red, black thick wire, measure random the voltage between a red thick wire and black thick wire, look to whether be 48V, notice avometer wants to move volts d.c. to be blocked. 4 if not be 48V, may be power source board appeared problem. If be 48V, it is reason of other of laser canal itself likely. The proposal is done a few times more measure in an attempt to accurate. CNC Milling