How should abnormal knocking of head decelerate machine do

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Head can come true advocate motion and feed motion, and have the dynamical part that automatic workpiece circulates. Compare main transfer machinery of simple a gearshift, the form is varied, fundamental is electric machinery drives orgnaization of gearshift of a gear, can realize boring, milling, auger cut wait for a function, some contains slideway, can the sharp movement of little scope. The decelerate machine of head in use may malfunction. Basically the following reason causes occurrence abnormal knocking of head decelerate machine: Decelerate machine chafes piece wear away, decelerate crankshaft or bearing damage or gear wears away serious, lube crosses overheat of little slowdown machine, these circumstances may be the element that causes decelerate machine to produce abnormal knocking. Head decelerate opportunity arises the processing technique of abnormal knocking: Those who check decelerate engine gear oil is oleaginous with oil level, if cold plane position leaves place of gear oil level,inspect under check mouth, answer to be cheered to decelerate machine; If iron filings is contained in gear oil, should ravel wear out condition of gear of decelerate machine examination, and clean, change gear oil; The examination inputs axis and bearing. The decelerate chance that takes high speed to throw soil considers friction even piece, if chafe piece burn caustic or inadequacy of bounce of butterfly form bedspring to all can cause abnormal knocking. Change in time it is very important to safeguard cleanness. CNC Milling