V of the roller that connect casting uses the development of 414N of medical core welding wire

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Summary: The basis connects casting roller high temperature paragraph factory condition, contrast imports welding wire, developed v of the roller that connect casting to use 414N of medical core welding wire, undertook to the medical core welding wire of development function checks, pass contrast, can see, the welding wire of 414N medicine core of development can replace entrance welding wire completely. Keyword: Lian Zhugun; Medical core welding wire; 414N Normal >0 introductive Normal > builds need as economy, come nearly 10 years, our country already was built in succession and put into production the Lian Zhu of large quantities of one modernization connects rolling mill. Their performance characteristics and service life stand or fall, certainly will produces major effect to the basic policy of a state of energy-saving section lumber and socioeconomy benefit. And the develops to already had more than 10 years history that is in even casting v technology our country. According to the circumstance of general steelworks, whole Lian Zhugun is directed by bearing sex of roller, fan paragraph, level paragraph 3 parts composition. Bearing directs roller is comprised by close platoon roller, make casting base transfers to go up to circular arc via bending at many o'clock. After roller base is pulled from crystallizer, although form certain section, but its center or liquid condition, base case ply is commonly 12, 20mm, temperature of casting base surface is as high as 1200 ℃ left and right sides. As a result of the action of high temperature and cooling water, high temperature of roller face easy generation oxidizes and corrode, and this paragraph of sufficient roller and bearing guide the diameter of roller is small, because poor and easy generation curves stiffness,be out of shape. Accordingly, appropriate of this paragraph of roller that connect casting is chosen anti-corrosive, fight high temperature to oxidize and stainless steel of the Cr13 of content of the tall Ni that has quite hot strong sex, Mo martensite. Current, comparing advanced v material domestic and internationally is to exceed mild nitrogen alloy to change 0Cr13Ni4MoN (414N) medical core welding wire, its take the place of with nitrogen carbon, can raise v layer to fight significantly high temperature oxidizes and corrode function, its high temperature is mechanical function is attainable also marked improvement. Receive welding wire of welding wire of core of medicine of alloy company CHROMECORE 414N-O through comparative England solder, had a series of tests we were developed agree with the welding wire of 414N medicine core that bearing directs roller is used, and aborning won good application. Normal >normal >1N is in the action Normal > develops can be used bury arc and Ming Hu to protect technology of two kinds of v oneself, watch 1 listed the chemical composition of metal of 414N frit apply. Normal > expresses metal of apply of frit of welding wire of core of 1 414N medicine (% ) Normal >Table1 Chemical Compositions Of 414N Flux-cored Wire Deposited Matal Normal > Surfacing Usability C Cr Ni Mo Mn Si S P N Normal >SA 0.

031 13.

54 4.

34 0.

89 1.

48 0.

23 0.

0052 0.

021 0.

06 Normal >OA 0.

035 12.

98 3.

80 0.

87 0.

75 0.

84 0.

012 0.

018 0.


06 12.

59 4.

01 0.

80 0.

79 0.

55 0.

021 0.

022 0.

09 Normal > from the watch 1 in can see, the alloy appearance that ties with typical Cr13 is compared, the matter content such as the S of metal of apply of frit of welding wire of this medicine core, P is reduced further, rose to fight hot tearing sex on one hand, raised tenacity on the other hand, refine grain, rose to be able to bear or endure thereby cold hot fatigue property. Of C content reduce, what improved data further is heatproof crack a gender, but of C content reduce, what cause material aggrandizement effect necessarily is abate, and the settlement with the very good affiliation of N this one problem, n basically has the following effect in frit apply metal: 1) , in Cr13 department alloy, enlarge γ photograph area, it is a kind of very strong formation and the element that stabilize austenite, restrain the formation of ferrite, rise be able to bear or endure cold hot fatigue property, its effectiveness is made an appointment with 20 times at nickel [1] , below certain limit, can replace one part nickel to be used in steel; 2) , proper affiliation nitrogen, wait for the nitride that forms stability with the chromium in alloy, vanadium, titanium, promoted the significant action of microalloy element, the high temperature that raises material succumbs intensity, nitride distributings with high dispersion in v layer, the hardness that badly adds v layer, intensity, especially fatigue intensity, wearability and high temperature corrosion resistance, the high temperature creep that checked data at the same time is out of shape, and plasticity is not reduced. Normal TEXT-INDENT of 0pt">2 v layer: 21pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

0; Mso-char-indent-size: 10.

5pt"> had a test to the function of the welding wire of 414N medicine core of development, in all v 5, 585 ℃ are entered after solder + the furnace middleman and guarantor of 10 ℃ is lukewarm 10 hours, along with furnace cold to room temperature. Machine 15 sample concussion of normal temperature drawing and test specimen of high temperature drawing respectively by GB2649-82 and GB2650-89, experimental instrument is INSTRON-5500R electron universal test machine. Experimental data sees a table 2, with the entrance welding wire comparatives Normal > expresses the mechanical function Table2 Mechanical Properties Of 414N Flux-cored Wire Depositied Metalnormal >No.

B/Mpa σ of Temperature/ ℃ σ 0.

Ψ of 5/% of 2/MPa δ / % AKV/J Hardness/HRc Normal >1 24 874.

9 812.

6 13.

94 48.

16 Normal >2 24 903.

7 769.

5 15.

00 43.

24 Normal >3 24 914.

1 799.

6 14.

79 43.

75 Normal >4 500 709.

5 645.

6 16.

10 52.

39 Normal >5 500 667.

3 603.

3 15.

63 49.

23 Normal >6 500 643.

4 578.

4 17.

72 49.

23 Normal >7 650 269.

2 222.

93 44.

63 59.

36 Normal >8 650 269.

2 218.

95 49.

51 68.

35 Normal >9 650 297.

6 249.

8 44.

87 76.

23 Normal >10 750 176.

8 131.

5 37.

97 52.

39 Normal >11 750 178.

1 134.

1 37.

25 45.

60 Normal >12 750 154.

2 122.

5 30.

70 39.

93 Normal >13 24 21.

5 31 Normal >14 24 23.

0 30 Normal >15 24 22.

0 31 Normal Align=center> pursues 175 Normal Align=center>Fig of × of microstructure of 1 v metal.

1The v metal microstructure of the welding wire of core of medicine of metallographic organization 414N of metal of v of Microstructure Of Depostitied Metal3 is very even and petty low carbon martensite, see a picture 1. The microstructure with layer of v of entrance welding wire (graph 2) agree basically. Graph 150 Fig of × of microstructure of 2 entrances welding wire.

2Normal > passes a test, developed apply to Lian Zhugun high temperature paragraph welding wire of 414N medicine core, and to its each function had a test, through the test data can see, the welding wire of 414N medicine core of development and entrance welding wire are consistent, can replace entrance welding wire completely. CNC Milling