All directions transducer is noting the application on model machine

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Summary: The success that the article introduced transducer of series of all directions V360 to go up in the machine that note model applies. Keyword: Record model machine; V360; Energy-saving; Frequency conversion; In last few years plastic industry grows foreword rapidder and rapidder, note model industry to also welcoming the opportunity of a flying development among them. But the competition inside the industry is intense with each passing day also at the same time, each manufacturer besides taking product quality and brand seriously, also take the control that produces cost seriously more and more. From the machine that note model process knows, in cost of Injection Molding product, electric energy used up cost to hold very large proportion, consequently whether reduce electric energy loss effectively, got each fix the attention of model aircraft manufacturer and user. As the promotion of frequency control technology, frequency control is controlled in transmission and energy-saving domain already got applied extensively with each passing day, be in especially pump kind laden circumstance uses frequency conversion to dominate energy-saving result remarkable. The article is with transducer of 4 V360 series exemple, the control of a kind of frequency conversion that introduced to note model machine industry uses program. One, craft introduction is common the machine that note model uses hydraulic transmission normally, its structure is shown 1 times like the graph, basically include inject unit, open device combining a model, fluid drive device and electric control equipment to wait. Graph the 1 machine that note model shapes craft is according to the process that books periodic act, namely in order to combine a model - lock model - advancement ejaculation the mouth - shoot glue - protect pressure - cooling - beforehand model - shoot a stage to back down - fly a model - take out goods to wait for treatment working procedure to achieve some product to shape. The loss in the common craft that note model basically comes from at the following: 1. Overflow loss. Differ along with product and treatment working procedure, place of each working procedure needs hydraulic pressure, discharge, pressure to differ. So to oil pump motor character, the load in noting model machine to note model procedure is in metabolic condition. And the discharge of pump is the largest flow that needs according to place will design, the hydraulic pressure flow that when oil pump works, provides with constant rotate speed, when the flow that needs when place of the machine that note model is less than the largest flow, redundant hydraulic pressure will pass circumfluence of overflow a powerful person, energy of this one part was dropped with respect to loss. 2. Reduce expenditure loss. The meeting when the mouth has the reduce expenditure that banishs classics a powerful person when hydraulic pressure oil to be pressed certainly fall, this is reduce expenditure loss. Because the reduce expenditure area ratio of directional a powerful person is older, so major reduce expenditure loss occurs on proportioning valve. Circulate for a long time amain as a result of hydraulic pressure at the same time flow and machinery of fluid casting die are acuteness grind, cause oil lukewarm exorbitant, noise is too big, the undesirable phenomenon such as mechanical loss of life. 3. Design surplus loss. In be being designed normally, general meeting considers common quality, when the design with most high capacity is a foundation, the capacity that designs because of electric machinery of this user oil pump compares real need tower above a lot of, exist " car of big Ma La " phenomenon, create a large number of waste of electric energy. 2, control program shapes in the light of what record model machine working procedure and craft characteristic, designed transducer of series of all directions V360 to carry the plan of special and patulous card, if the graph is shown 1 times,the system is formed, specific as follows: 1. Special and patulous card is compositive 4 imitate quantity inputs a passageway, two voltage, two electric current, the discharge that is different type and pressure instruction offer input port; 2. Compositive and multistage fast control, but the running frequency that with signal of set of discharge, pressure overlay hind gives transducer again; 3. Can install underset, the response that improves a system speed and stability. 3, systematic wiring and hookup of system of main parameter set show 2 times like the graph: Nextpage pursues parameter of 2 main set 4, plan advantage: 1. Have running frequency of appropriative of the machine that note model to give a passageway, increase slowdown time short, the system is answered rapid; 2. Systematic electric current controls capacity strong, had avoided effectively to shed those who wait for breakdown to appear, the system moves stability; 3. Multistage fast with the function of overlay of instruction of discharge, pressure facilitating implementation differs the working procedure requirement to running frequency; 4. Oily temperature rise of hydraulic pressure of the machine that note model is reduced apparently, prolonged the service life of hydraulic pressure oil effectively; 5. The system is energy-saving the effect is distinct, can amount to 30% ~ generally 50% . Last word the program of drive of the machine that note model that the article introduced to be based on transducer of all directions V360 one kind, this plan has air feed pressure to stabilize, realized increase and decrease to throw the automation that pneumatics machine stage counts, energy-saving effect is distinct, extended a system effectively the service life of each equipment. The application that already succeeded at present controls a system at linkage of many pneumatics machine in. CNC Milling