Titanium alloy treatment needs professional cutting tool to cover with tiles Er aids treatment of force aviation workpiece especially

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Feedback according to aircraft manufacturer, the work that uses titanium alloy now is dupler than breaking up before much. As the grow in quantity of requirement of titanium alloy work, have stuff of the Ti6Al4V alloy of Gao Naiwen sex, burgeoning Ti5553(Ti-5Al-5Mo3Cr) , become more and more important. As titanium alloy material wider and wider application, cutting tool reachs his to applied a technology to also receive bigger challenge. The treatment of workpiece of for example aerospace has a characteristic very much: Workpiece wall is thin, form is complex; is deep model craft of antrum mill treatment is much. Again high-grade autocycle and manufacturing industry of medical apparatus and instruments are additionally medium, titanium alloy often also applies in join the production that waits for small-sized workpiece. 3 elements father to affect the cutting tool life when titanium alloy machines again under: Low-down heat is conducted (Ti6Al4V=7.

56W/mK; steel Ck45=51.

9W/mK) , relatively inferior stretch model is measured (Ti6Al4V=110kN/mm2; steel Ck45=210kN/mm2) and bright balata character trend. Cutting blade basically is centered on cutting blade, and won't resemble processing steel be taken away by scrap euqally. Because cut deep opposite more shallow, go up in of population zonule so, must can bear the weight of extremely high thermic load and mechanical bear. This decided that this must use cooling fluid treatment. Volume of inferior material flexibility model is caused very easily shake, also have bright balata character tendency at the same time, make cutting blade produces the tumor that accumulate bits easily. So cutting rate must fall considerably. Machine difficult problem: The occurrence of Ti5553 of Ti5553   new material makes treatment becomes more flooey. The alpha that Ti6Al4V is a kind of balance - alloy of structure of Bei Dawei crystal (alpha = is hexagonal microcrystalline structure, square body is microcrystalline in the center of shellfish tower = structural) , and Ti5553 is one kind is close to Yubeida but more high-ranking structure, this kind of structure makes not only alloy more heat-resisting, also make this is planted material more hard cutting, and Ti5553 combats a strength be close to at 900N/mm2. To this, cover with tiles Er spy circle turns Josef Giessler emphasizes manager of kind of cutting tool research and development: "The cutting tool program that professional titanium alloy treatment needs to optimize " . When machining a diameter to be controlled in 20~25mm/ , connect regular meeting to use cutting tool of integral hard alloy. Shake to decrease and reduce the generation of the tumour that accumulate bits, the design of cutting tool is all in all, the sign in face of polishing can bring the admirable purify that cut bits, use AlCrN coating, inside the belt cold the quality that waits to be able to raise titanium alloy to machine greatly and efficiency. Waerte - Puruite (Walter Prototyp) already employed this kind of solution: Milling cutter of hard alloy of whole of Duo Protostar Ti40/Ti45 has afore-mentioned characteristics. In a project of empty guest, ti40 cutting tool makes the treatment life of workpiece of material of a Ti6Al4V increased 2 times. Highest cutting quantity achieved 80cm3/ minute (Vc=25m/ minute) , achieved the diametical 32mm that HSS-E cutting tool machines. The whole strong cutting tool of new generation machines diametical circumstance to fall in 25mm, created a surveyor's pole, achieved 160~200cm3 minute (Vc=50-60m/ minute) . To HSS whole milling cutter, its developed to already achieved opposite phase to be nodded high. Waerte's expert had farther test to machining Ti5553, how does the cutting tool that the purpose is affirmatory new generation answer more sophisticated treatment. The data tensile strength that uses this is 1400N/mm2, hardness of cloth family name is in 430.

Test cutting tool is Prostar Ti40, the diameter is 16mm, z=4.

Cutting data and Ti6Al4V photograph are compared, had apparent fall. The treatment of Ti5553 material needs to reduce cutting speed to make an appointment with) of condition of 50%(secondary treatment. The rate that lowers when groovy mill is more, and the rate that lowers when flank mill is less. The need when large treatment is used can turn handling large work for bit or in the treatment application with metallic purify older rate, need uses large cutting tool, if can turn,be cutting tool. Can turn to be mixed two this years for cutting tool the development of cutting tool of integral hard alloy extremely close, how is main attack direction also processing difficult treatment data, be aimed at those who contain titanium alloy material namely (on ISO-S) data group. Made of baked clay now Er is special (the mark product that Walter) processes difficult treatment data is the Tiger that takes PVD alumina coat.

Tec® material is qualitative (" PVD-Tiger " ) . Additionally two kinds of material are qualitative (the WSP45) of the WSM35 of height wear-resisting coating and extremely strong person already also was pushed to the market. With the another project of research and development of PVD-Tiger the corresponding period, it is to get used to the treatment application of aviation workpiece - G77 chamfer design, this chamfer the treatment application that the design applies to titanium alloy likewise. Its are the biggest the characteristic is to contain 20 degrees before horn, and have chamfer of a special miniature additionally model. Siegfried Bohnet says: "We now a variety of technologies, for instance Tiger.

Coating of Tec® tiger technology, PVD, Gao Zheng chamfer with special bit circle horn fuses together. " this technology will form ADGT(of a new razor blade to apply to square shoulder milling cutter, corn milling cutter) or RO.

) of cutting tool of X(round razor blade. Now, the new product of this series already became aviation or the backbone force in application of titanium alloy treatment. CNC Milling