Use at cutting tool of two kinds of of mould industry high-powered new-style milling cutter

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Foreword HSM- high speed machines what got tremendous progress and contemporary business up to now by Salomon discovery to approbate, but as the ceaseless development that studies in last few years, the curve of high speed experiment that people discovers Salomon is essential in the cutting process of major material unavailable, the field with successful application of high speed treatment is only also of above of aluminium alloy of bureau be confined to, HRC60 beforehand on the cutting treatment that electrode of steel of temper by dipping in water, black lead waits a few kinds of material a moment. This kind of situation before essential sex is broken through is done not have to be broken hard in cutting tool material. And the material that mould industry often needs big purify to lead treatment is basic be: The rolled steel between HRC22~38 and cast-iron. These treatment ask rate of huge metal purify will decrease on one hand take machine time, be in on the other hand hang the cutting vibration with the low demand when extending treatment greatly. The design train of thought of new-style mould milling cutter is to use new technical HPM- high-powered cutting. 1 mould is opposite to facilitate by treatment material sort, characteristic brief introduction from the back the understanding that treatment of efficient mould cutting tool introduces, be necessary to make a simple introduction to the treatment material of the mould and treatment means. Main component is mould type mould the following types: Mould of mould of punch of the common and a punch mould, plastic Injection Mold Tooling, PVCInjection Mold Tooling, mould that blow model, hardware and board gold mould, hot extruding, hot forge is enclothed to wait a moment outside large car. The data that the place place with the mould that mould material brief introduction differs every kinds and same different pattern uses has the difference that comparative, his fabricating characteristics also has very big distinction. The sort of mould material is very various, as a result of length reason, introduce only related to the article by treatment material. Steel of the charcoal in C45W, the brand calls ace steel for Hong Kong of S50C~S55C 45# steel, the hardness of this rolled steel is: HB170~HB220, the mould has the treatment of 70%~80% to use this kind of rolled steel, machine most object. 40CrMnMo7 beforehand steel of strong plastic pattern, hardness HRC28~40 is very appropriate do a few in the mold insert of mould leaving price, some produce the mould mould bases of large quantities of quantities to also use this rolled steel, advantage is hardness steel of the charcoal in comparing is tall, be out of shape steel of the charcoal in also be being compared is stabilized, p20 because this kind of steel is used extensively in plastic mould, relatively general brand has: 718S, 718H, 738H, NAK80, NAK55 is waited a moment, the application of this kind of rolled steel occupies the 15%~20% left and right sides of the mould, the difficulty that he machines should be more than 45 steel, basically be model core and travel antrum treatment. Fc250-fc350, fcd500-fcd700 added the alloy such as Cu, Ni, Mo, to the composition such as Si of total carbon quantity, Mn, P, S, Mg the element undertakes controlling. Because crystal is out of shape easily,make on molecular structure consequently easily martensite is changed all the time since, the mould data that place of domestic automobile industry uses basically includes casting condition and forge form two kinds big. The brand with casting voice commonly used data is chromium of HT300, molybdenum cold steel of wind of condition of cast-iron, casting (7CrSiMnMoV) , cast-iron material basically is used at mould matrix character, cast steel material is used at setting character piece. Forge condition material pledges commonly used brand is cold steel of forge condition wind (7CrSiMnMoV) , Cr12MoV, basically use at a mould is being enclothed outside the car. A mould rough machining is enclothed to use ball head milling cutter outside 2 cars in recent years, the type of cutting tool product that industrial domain uses changes ceaselessly, and the enterprise of great majority acts on the manufacturing concept that reduces production cost, the requirement produces high accuracy, high quality product. The treatment of this kind of phenomenon in automobile industry the domain is not exceptional also. Be aimed at the client's requirement, the strategy that company of technology of cutting tool of individual plant getting adopts is: Raise cutting tool ceaselessly service life and shorten handling time. Individual plant getting is newest rolled out a few kinds of new-style and efficient cutting tool, when the strong tool set that having the component such as door, bumper, frame is machined, the service life that can improve cutting tool greatly, reduce finished cost. Among them BMR03 series cutting tool is among them one of. Graph 1 individual plant gets picture of objective of milling cutter of head of ball of BMR03 series thick mill the exterior graph of this cutting tool sees 1. This cutting tool is applied to when a mould rough machining is being enclothed outside the car model the face is puissant outline profiling, generally speaking, the cutting tool of D50, D40 undertakes model the face leaves thick, the cutting tool of D30 undertakes model the half essence of the face and circular arc transfer the clear root treatment of the face, be being pledged by the material of treatment workpiece basically is above of the introduction cold do mould steel and molybdenum chromium alloy cast iron, a little cheap lorry mould also uses GCr15 rolled steel and grey opening to reduce cost to provide cast-iron, use the semifinished product production of A3 steel v even. Because this asks this knife has property of extremely tall integrated cutting: 1) applies to all sorts of bit chamfer that are pledged by treatment material model with the structure; The anti-impact properties with outstanding 2) , collapse of cutting blade accident cannot appear to be short of when puissant milling is machined; The cutting tool service life with long 3) , average client hope can not change one is machined uninterruptedly below bit circumstance model face, mean the treatment life of 4~12 hour to machining a large mould; The cutting with low 4) is oscillatory, this is the raises the most difficult exceed element that restricts treatment efficiency; The cutting tool precision below the appearance precision with tall 5) and treatment of high load capacity maintains a gender; The reliability with 6) high cutter hub. The chamfer of this razor blade it is to think integratedly all sorts of actual cutting elements and through be as long as user of two years experiments, be optimized ceaselessly and finalize the design finally. Specific and character basically undertook optimizing designing in the following respects: Strive of cutting of cutting tool of 3 B of graph of strive of cutting of cutting tool of graph 2 A is more traditional the precision with taller cutting tool, bit installation is after cutter hub the academic error of he and ideal sphere should small, and curve cannot too complex, and cause abrade difficulty. All series all are the precision of globose blade design of milling cutter of head of ball of individual plant getting ≤ 0.

005MM, ≤ of production outline error 0.

05mm(ZOLLER measures Dao Yi) ; The design of point of a knife of central razor blade assures lower cutting vibration and anti-impact properties, spend career of central area cutting extremely low (adjacent for 0) . Cutting resistance is great, the phenomenon that collapse of special and easy occurrence point of a knife is short of. Must undertake many lab test and client practical test will improve bit performance. E.g. , among them one is cutting obstruction and cutting vibration contrast to experiment, test plan is as follows: AB of experiment cutting tool milling cutter of head of ball of D40 of two kinds of abroad, be by treatment material: P20HRC35, cutting parameter VN=3000, ap=0.

5mm, ae=1mm, f=3000mm/min, check an instrument: KISTLER dynamic charge measures power instrument. Experimental result sees a picture 2 ~ pursue 3. By afore-mentioned graphs knowable: Below the case with other same condition, f=0.

When 5mm/Z, of A cutting tool the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=400N, the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=50N, the biggest amplitude is 350N, average cutting force is 230N; Below the case with other same condition, f=0.

When 8mm/Z, of A cutting tool the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=600N, the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=80N, the biggest amplitude is 520N, average cutting force is 290N; Below the case with other same condition, f=0.

When 5mm/Z, of B cutting tool the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=800N, the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=160N, the biggest amplitude is 640N, average cutting force is 400N; Below the case with other same condition, f=0.

When 8mm/Z, of B cutting tool the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=1000N, the biggest advocate cutting force Fx=200N, the biggest amplitude is 800N, average cutting force is 500N. By above knowable at 4 o'clock, in 1mm small cut difficult situation, in all cutting condition same situation falls, the point of a knife of B cutting tool suffers strength condition to be differred than A apparently a lot of, suffer muscularity on average almost one times, the amplitude with oscillatory below coequal frequency cutting tool also is gotten greatly apparently much, and afore-mentioned cutting parameter are in mostly the circumstance is normal cutting parameter, the design program of cutting tool of the A on this specification processing in cutting tool point of a knife is apparently advantageous. And B cutting tool because cutting obstruction and cutting vibration are too big, and the horn before the cutting of point of a knife is only - 20 ° , point of a knife is too feeble, of cutting tool it is very easy to cross central point of a knife collapse is short of. The appearance design of point of a knife is very accordingly important, he is having very distinct effect to the actual cutting effect of cutting tool. Optimizing appearance of design point of a knife and parameter actually is a very multifarious process, want to balance a lot of element, the craft sex of character of material of the craft characteristic that uses like intensity of ministry of cutting vibration, blade, cutting tool, razor blade, itself is waited a moment, accomplish in one move very hard, want to go there and back for many times to be perfected ceaselessly. The chamfer of bit optimize a design, the cutting linear velocity that the blade of circular arc cutting of ball head knife nods each is not identical, axes area is small, exterior tall, the change of linear velocity is great, because this bears at each o'clock,cutting obstruction differs very big. Graph 4 cutting speed pursues to the influence of cutting obstruction chamfer of 5 razor blade graph its principle sees a picture 4, by the graph knowable cutting speed under a certain value when, cutting instruction can increase quickly, and when passing this cost high, change will be gentlier, because this is designed advocate belt of cutting blade arris, chamfer advocate this pattern must be followed when parameter, to ball head knife, the design is a graph 5 become the chamfer of the diversion that cut bits of belt of arris wide edge, slick curved surface, successive to change before horn, chamfer is wide etc most appropriate, of face of the knife before cooperating decrease brace up protruding station design can be on the foundation that assures point intensity as far as possible reduce edge wide thereby the biggest change reduce cutting obstruction and restrain vibration. Divide bits chamfer razor blade, mix to cutting tool of D50 of big diameter cutting tool, D40 hang long cutting tool greatly for, when undertaking Quan Ren contacts milling interim, machine hard almost, platoon bits is very difficult. Bit is squeezed extremely easily to be short of. Need to use the bit of the technology that divide bits at this moment, specific see a picture 6. When actual test and verify, machine effect to lead those who get 2 times above to rise. Graph photograph of objective of razor blade of chamfer of 6 minutes of bits pursues the limit of fatigue attaint crackle of 7 cutting tool overload and fatigue damaged desired result, improve cutting tool composition further, ensure cutting tool can stabilize cutting for a long time. Ultimate experiment basically is used at detecting the safety performance below the cutting parameter that cutting tool is recommending, include a series of overweighted experiment. This need throws huge material resources and energy, the development of a product must include this test and verify. List here among them an experiment: Examine cutting tool: Brand of XPHT40R2004 of BMR03_040_G32_XP30_02_M razor blade: YBG302 is pledged by treatment material: Parameter of NAK80 HRC40 cutting: Result of test of Vn=2500 Ap=5mm Ae=4mm F=2000mm/min: Machine 16 hour hind, crackle of attaint of cutting tool occurrence exhaustion, see a picture 7, the knife chamfer underside of razor blade of installation of cutter hub upside and flank appear apparent rift. Cutter hub cannot have continued to use. Be the immanent flaw that fatigue experiment discovered this experiment cutting tool, made 4 times be improved greatly for this will solve this problem, include 1) among them circular arc is used to transfer between face and face, eliminate stress concentration; 2) more the lock of high accuracy cooperates into whorl, the installation that improves bit is rigid; 3) uses alloy steel of high grade heat-resisting to make cutter hub 4) change finishing and heat treatment technology, increase fatigue resistance can. The product that improves experiment of client of product small lot to prove to eliminate flaw can satisfy the requirement that uses actually completely, big now batch orders goods also do not have occurrence problem. Real case car enclothes the client a case of treatment of milling cutter of mould ball head 1 machine tool: Italian dragon door 3 axes machining center cutting tool: BMR030-G32-XP30-02-L razor blade: XPHT30R1504 brand YBG302 is machined material: FC600 machines parameter: Result of Vn=3000r/min Ap=4~8mm Ae=4mm F=3000mm/min: As online as treatment hind laser is right before treatment Dao Yi detects, precision and foreign cutting tool are identical, machine 17 hours of cutting tool small see wear away, blade point is whole, the function after small lot is used and foreign product are same, proposal batch orders goods replace foreign cutting tool. Milling cutter of mould ball head machines case 2 machine tools: Italian dragon door 3 axes machining center cutting tool: BMR040-MT5-XP40-02-L razor blade: XPHT40R2004 brand YBG302 is machined material: Molybdenum chromium is cast-iron the shop sign is ominous machine parameter: Result of Vn=2500r/min Ap=8~12mm Ae=8mm F=3000mm/min: Precision is apparent prep above primary cutting tool, the vibration when treatment is apparent under primary treatment cutting tool, the service life of average cutting tool and treatment efficiency prep above are original the double above of cutting tool, batch treatment did not appear unusual situation. Brief summary is new-style more traditional cutting tool has ball head milling cutter larger dominant position, example proves its are efficient cutting function, milling cutter of head of more traditional than before ball raises treatment effect to lead 2 times above, and cutting tool life is longer, function can comparative with foreign advanced manufacturer; Batch application proves function of this cutting tool is stable and reliable, because sexual price is compared tall managing cutting tool spends cost. Pursue photograph of objective of milling cutter of 8 new-style big feed pursues 10 individual plant get skeleton map of razor blade of milling cutter of 9 new-style big feed experiment of big feed milling cutter cuts bits configuration to pursue experiment of milling cutter of 11 entrances big feed cuts bits pattern milling cutter of 3 new-style big feed is new-style the exterior of big feed milling cutter is big feed milling cutter almost with HPM(HIGH PERFORMANCE MACHINING) , individual plant gets cutting tool to roll out milling cutter of new-style big feed, its exterior sees a picture the pictures of 8 big feed milling cutter that are diametical 63mm. Milling cutter of new-style big feed combined low oscillatory cutting and Gao Jin to give cutting the advantage of form of two kinds of cutting, can improve the cutting performance of cutting tool further. The basic form of its razor blade sees a picture 9, by the graph basic form is knowable razor blade kind of triangle, 3 edges are completely symmetrical, every edge by Xiu Guangren 6, the first advocate cutting blade 7, protuberant intermediate zone 8, the 2nd advocate cutting blade 9, the composition such as circular arc of point of a knife. The patent of the principle of cutting tool and appearance is in application. The principle of the milling cutter of new-style big feed of low vibration and characteristic are alleged low oscillatory cutting is to point to cutting tool to machining dark place and be used hang greatly deep, and the tigidity of cutting tool and dangerous just become inverse ratio 4 times long, those who machine efficiency is main restrict even if because of treatment vibration must lower knife rate. The theory of FEETE GmbH and experiment prove, if change the figure that cuts bits to be able to make,the sectional and changeless circumstance of scrap falls, raise knife rate, perhaps say coequal metal purify leads a circumstance to fall, can reduce cutting obstruction and use up power 15%~25% . This is a very considerable data. Because be by geometrical appearance and remains,machine the limitation of area area actually, one of product application short of are worth theoretically. The tool cutting edge angle with the small milling cutter of combinative big feed that individual plant gets milling cutter of new-style big feed to succeed and control of the appearance that cut bits are academic, see a picture 9, this milling cutter is less than protuberant intermediate zone in cutting deepness Ap 8 to Xiu Guangren 6 when, participate in cutting for the first advocate cutting blade 7, this does not have any distinction with traditional big feed milling cutter. But when cutting deepness Ap exceeds this critical value, be like the deepness in the graph, the figure that cuts bits produced a change, traditional big feed milling cutter should cut bits longerly for, and new milling cutter is 14, two paragraphs 16 cut bits, this kind of method that break bits is called from step short bits. We come to those who prove the function of pair of new cutting tool elaborate through an experiment below. Experiment machine tool: MIKRON UCP1000 is machined material: NAK80 HRC40 contrast tries check cutting tool: Milling cutter of entrance D32 big feed (lengthen) milling cutter of big feed of D32 of individual plant getting measures an instrument: KISTLER charge measures power instrument to machine parameter: Ap=1.

7mm, ae=25mm, v=120m/min, f=0.

8mm/Z test result, the configuration cutting bits of cutting tool of individual plant getting sees a picture 10 with the graph 11. Because get the limitation of machine tool power, f=0.

8MM/Z, the machine tool has achieved limit power, the cutting of XMR01-063-A22-ZD16-04 shows two paragraphs of eduction, cutting position is normal. Comparative entrance cutting tool was lost already completely continue the ability of cutting, appear intense vibration shakes even. This confirms the new cutting tool that uses the technology that divide bits and band of big feed photograph is having more superior cutting performance. Test and verify of example of milling cutter of new-style big feed machines a spare parts: Treatment autocycle commutate overspreads a mould, include model core and travel antrum pattern plate, material is 738H, HRC33~40. Cutting tool: XMR01-063-A22-ZP16-04, bit ZDMT160416-GM brand: Diameter of YBM351 cutting tool: D63 comparative cutting tool: Import diameter of cutting tool of cutting tool of D63 big feed: D63 cooling means: Do result of test of type cutting client: Individual plant gets cutting tool mean life is every blade 3.

5 hours, life of cutting of entrance cutting tool is 3.

7 hours, life matchs; For the contrast of cutting vibration sound of cutting tool of individual plant getting little small; It is finely and easy that individual plant gets cutting tool to cut bits air be compressioned is blown, contrast of the scratch that cut bits wants light. What be worth to be carried additionally is, before using big feed, the bit that uses RDKW1204M0 undertakes machining, big feed cutting tool is having clear advantage, basically reflect in the following respects: 1) treatment efficiency raises 1~2 times, the machine tool takes up rate reduce greatly, reduce fixed assets cost greatly; 2) corner is in vibration, the advantage that machines with old pattern is more clear, improve efficiency 3 times above; Wastage of 3) razor blade is reduced greatly, original RDKW razor blade uses up 20 thousand every months, and wastage of big feed razor blade not as good as 3000. Milling cutter of new-style big feed can carry brief the method of minute of bits restrains vibration effectively, improve the treatment performance of lengthen cutting tool further thereby; Reasonable appearance is designed, make the cutting function of this cutting tool and service life achieve expectant goal; more traditional cutting tool, the treatment efficiency of new cutting tool raised 2~3 times, and cutting tool wastage is original 1/5, benefit is quite considerable. 4 last words and photograph of traditional cutting tool are compared, the treatment efficiency of new efficient mould milling cutter raised 2~3 times, taller even, the design of cutting tool geometry that this successful profit from optimizes and new milling are politic. The biggest advantage of high-powered milling cutting tool is the investment that reduced pair of machine tools. Low oscillatory cutting extends those who machine efficiency to heighten the effect that had a key to be being hanged greatly, the method that divide bits is to implement a kind of method with low oscillatory the most practical cutting, at the same time experiment and actual application prove the effect is apparent. CNC Milling