High speed machines the research of tool system and its progress

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Treatment of 1 foreword high speed is market data science, project mechanical, machinery is kinetic with production science the new and high processing technique at an organic whole, make in the car, many industries got aerospace and machining wider and wider application. System of tool of high speed treatment is the main component of machine tool of high speed treatment, its function affects treatment quality and treatment efficiency directly. Accordingly, the research of system of tool of high speed treatment and development the times attention that gets expert of domestic and international mechanical engineering and learned man. Since half many century, traditional BT(7:24 taper) tool system produced main effect in machining. But, in high speed treatment, turn up of main shaft job turns to minutely number, below centrifugal force effect, of main shaft aperture expand the amount is larger than the knife handle of sincere, make the osculatory area of awl handle and main shaft decreases, precision of the radial stiffness that causes BT tool system, fixed position drops; In clamp orgnaization tensile action falls, the axial position of BT knife handle produces change, axial precision drops, affect treatment precision thereby; When the machine tool jockeys, inside aperture of main shaft of the sink inside knife handle will disassemble very hard. Additional, because BT tool system uses cone fixed position, clamp only, return existence to change a knife to repeat precision join stiffness is low, low, pass torque ability difference, measure the big, time that change a knife grows big, weight wait for defect. To solve afore-mentioned problems, the industrial developed country such as the United States, Germany, Japan develops a certain number of new-style tool systems in succession, in order to satisfy the requirement that contemporary machining produces. The development of system of 2 abroad new-style tool 2.

1Knife handle of a kind of knife handle of HSK of HSK tool system is development of research of institute of machine tool of university of industry of German A go smoothly new-style high speed short awl, its structure characteristic is hollow, Bao Bi, short awl, taper is 1:10; End panel and cone locate at the same time, clamp, knife handle has been fixed position in the fixed position in main shaft; Use by introversion outside outside go up type clamp orgnaization. The characteristic with HSK tool the most outstanding system is end panel and cone synchronism contact. When clamp, because awl ministry has had,be filled with, so cone press press produces flexibility to be out of shape, at the same time knife handle to displacement of axial of main shaft taper hole, in order to eliminate initiative gap, realize the joint between end panel, realized double-faced and synchronous clamp so. the fixed position with respect to its itself, this kind of means that makes sure cone and end panel locate at the same time is to locate too essentially. The radial precision of HSK interface is decided by character of awl surface contact, this and BT awl handle are consistent (the radial precision of both all can be achieved 0.

2 μ M) . The axial precision of HSK interface is decided by osculatory end panel, this and BT awl authority are apparently different, hollow structure is a of HSK knife handle main feature. Want to realize double-faced contact, cone must produce flexibility to be out of shape, compare with sincere handle photograph, it is easy that hollow handle produces flexibility to be out of shape much, the clamping force that uses up is small also much, and when circumgyrate of main shaft high speed, the radial of hollow Bao Bi expands quantity and aperture of main shaft inner cone differ not quite, be helpful for maintaining the reliable contact of cone inside limits of bigger rotate speed. The hollow petiole of HSK knife handle still provided installation space for clamp orgnaization, in order to come true by the clamp outside introversion. Means of this kind of clamp is OK a clamping force of centrifugal force translate into, the clamp when making knife handle works below high rotate speed is more reliable. In addition, the hollow petiole of HSK knife handle still makes the supply of in-house cutting fluid becomes a possibility. HSK tool system locates with its precision is tall, static, dynamic stiffness is tall, dimension small, weight light, structure is compact, suit the advantage such as high speed cutting, already made the advanced system that there is development latent capacity most in high speed treatment. International Organization for Standardization is the international standard of new-style tool system finally with HSK certainly, issued this ISO standard 2001 (ISO12164) . 2.

2American Kennametal company and German Widia company develop system of tool of KM of KM tool system jointly, its are basic appearance and HSK are very similar, also was to use 1:1Of 0 hollow short awl cooperates and double-faced orientation way. Main difference depends on clamp orgnaization differring, KM knife handle is locking of cant of use steel ball, the cant of groove of pull rod of edge of ball of the steel when clamp is rolled out, card is on the locking aperture cant on knife handle, to main shaft knife handle Kong La is tightened, flexibility of knife handle generation is out of shape make knife handle end panel and main shaft end panel are stuck close. KM tool system is had tall stiffness, high accuracy, fast outfit is placed and safeguard wait for an advantage simply. Try what check confirms KM knife handle to move stiffness taller than HSK system, two when go up to have semmetry as a result of cone of KM knife handle nevertheless offer the circular arc groove that clamp uses, need very great clamping force gift to work normally. 2.

3System of tool of NC5 of NC5 tool system is day of Japanese company limited grind working place develops, use 1:10 taper are double-faced fixed position structure. Awl handle uses sincere structure, make its fight excel of ability of high frequency flutter hollow short awl structure. Principle of its fixed position and HSK, KM is identical, different is a 1:1Cent of 0 awl handle became awl to cover with awl handle two parts, awl covers end panel to have dish spring, have amortize curb display vigour to use. Pass the minim displacement that awl covers, can absorb awl ministry effectively the minim axial position error of fiducial circle, so that alleviate the production difficulty of knife handle. Of bedspring press action to return beforehand can the minim when attenuation cutting is oscillatory, be beneficial to the durability that raises cutting tool. When the centrifugal mechanical responsiveness that rotates when high speed sends taper hole dilate, bedspring can make axle sleeve produces axial displacement, compensate bottom clearance, ensure radial precision, because knife handle noumenon did not produce axial shift, because this can assure the axial precision of tool system again. 2.

4System of tool of Big-plus of Big-plus tool system is the improvement of Japanese big clear and development of company of aircraft of essence of life 7:2System of tool of 4 awl power. This system and existing 7:24 awl handle is completely compatible, it allocates the gap amount between main shaft end panel and cutting tool flange main shaft and knife handle each half, part lengthen main shaft and the size that increase flange of thick knife handle, end panel of implementation main shaft and cutting tool flange while contact. The dilate that main shaft aperture accompanies when loading knife handle makes shift of cutting tool axial achieves end panel to contact. Compare with photograph of BT awl handle, big-plus awl handle is right because the carrying capacity of curved quadrature has an increased diameter that prop up and rise, increased to install clip stability thereby. The clip of Big-plus tool system holds tigidity tall, what can reduce knife handle in high speed treatment accordingly is jumpy, rise repeat the precision that change a knife. The research our country of system of 3 home new-style tool starts in the research respect of new-style tool system later, the positive result that undertakes to tool system materiality analyses research is less. Among them labour, Zhang Tieming's senior engineer, Zhao Bingzhen's senior engineer is in the bridge Yan Xuegao of Chengdu tool institute introduced respect of workmanship of level of HSK tool system, exploration and dynamic balancing to make a lot of works. Chengdu tool institute " 95 " during assumed national emphasis science and technology to tackle key problem special subject " the development that project of system of tool of numerical control machine tool changes a technology studies " , main achievement is the production level that recommended HSK knife handle, developed corresponding treatment technology, make accordingly gave HSK knife handle and part to detect equipment, fill home is blank. On this foundation, the country that the unit such as Chengdu tool institute and Jiangsu university assumes jointly " 15 " science and technology tackles key problem task " the development of system of tool of high speed treatment and application " , use finite the character that leaves HSK tool system to high speed condition undertook yuan of law emulate an analysis, built mechanical model and expert knowledge base, to master its mechanism of character of structural trends, static state, job offerred scientific reason fall guidance and basis; The standard figure warehouse that built power of HSK tool system and library of figure of product of HSK tool system, the production technology that made HSK tool system is normative; The research that finished technology of level of HSK tool system works, established standard of nation of HSK tool system, the industrialization that is system of tool of our country HSK, promotion uses hand-in-hand person the international market laid good foundation. Jiangsu university undertakes optimizing to the structure of HSK knife handle, those who put forward the HSK knife handle after wearing away is heavy grind a method, reduced the adverse effect of knife handle machining error, make the function of knife handle more reliable, the recycle of HSK knife handle after coming true to wear away, reduced manufacturing cost, after solving HSK knife handle to wear away cannot the difficult problem of recycle. The Liu Wangyu of work college uses Huanali finite yuan of method to HSK Bao Bi torque of clamp of hydraulic pressure collet undertook an analysis. The Zhang Song of Shandong university use nonlinear finite yuan of technology is right HSK main shaft / of cutting tool connection be out of shape reach osculatory stress to distributing undertook an analysis, discussed to rotate speed and the interference influence to contacting stress. The problem that exists in research of 4 tools system and its countermeasure 4.

System of 1 development tool is made with detect unifinication technology, the processes treatment of quality high speed tool system that improves knife handle has used the double-faced clamp means of fixed position mostly, because this is right treatment precision demand is very high, will affect its performance characteristics badly otherwise. When although famous tool of abroad produces manufacturer,producing HSK knife handle at present, accomplish all treatment precision index very hard also to satisfy the ISO12164 standard of HSK. Accordingly, explore advanced treatment method and treatment technology, develop the testing instrument of crucial working procedure, the treatment quality that rise and stabilizes tool system is the common problem that should solve in research of system of tool of high speed treatment. 4.

2 raise tool system and precision of dynamic balancing of machine tool connective, in reducing the cutting vibration below high speed to be machined in high speed, tool system is small lopsided create massive centrifugal force possibly, cause machine tool and the vibration that machine a process, this affects the treatment precision of the spare parts and exterior quality not only, and easy attaint cutting tool, lower the precision of main shaft bearing and life, accordingly, need seeks new dynamic balancing standard and measurement technique, develop the dynamic balancing technology of high accuracy. 4.

System of 3 development intelligence tool, the intelligence that realizes use process changes control to strengthen the development of device of online and automatic dynamic balancing, make tool system has function of online and automatic dynamic balancing. Development has online breakdown to forecast tool system of the function, when breakdown appearing in make its are being installed or be being used can call the police automatically, make high speed treatment safer. 4.

4 raise cutting tool and main shaft taper hole cooperate precision, raise connection dependability tool cone and end panel are used to locate at the same time between system and main shaft the means of clamp, because cone been existinging to be filled with, below high speed circumstance, the stress of cone is out of shape the meeting is more serious, make the dependability of tool system drops thereby, because this needs to strengthen pair of cone to coordinate means and the research that coordinate precision, in order to strengthen the dependability of tool system. 5 epilogue are current, treatment of high speed cutting already was become contemporary one of production significant progress way, but the fundamental sex research that processes tool system to high speed is not quite sufficient still, deep to affecting the research of the crucial factor of tool system to still remain person. Review the research of each industry developed country to new-style tool system and development state of affairs to be able to see, the development trend of system of tool of high speed treatment is: Preferential collect appliance to have end panel and cone of double-faced fixed position live orientation way, raise the production precision of knife handle further, development is muti_function with intelligent knife handle. Divide this beyond, the standardization that realizes high speed to process tool system as soon as possible, seriation also is a problem that nots allow to ignore. CNC Milling