What is meant by fuse, what is its action?

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Fuse also is called fuse, IEC127 standard is its definition " fuse-link (Fuse-link)" . It is a kind of installation is in circuit, assure the electric equipment cell that circuit safety runs. The action of fuse is: Malfunction when circuit or unusual when, accompanying electric current to lift ceaselessly, and elevatory electric current damages likely the certain and important parts of an apparatus in circuit or precious parts of an apparatus, circuit of possible also burn down causes fire even. Found a place for correctly fuse, so, fuse can be in electric current is unusually elevatory when it is certain to be mixed to certain height, oneself fusing cuts off electric current, have the effect that moves to protective circuit safety thereby. The earliest fuse gives birth to an invention at the You Aidi more than 100 years ago, because the technology at that time is underdeveloped incandescent lamp is very precious, so, use it the incandescent lamp with protective high price at first. CNC Milling