English-Chinese of general and rigid occupation standard contrasts watch (one)

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1GB567-1989 vaulted metal explodes lifting appliance of Specificationfordomedmetallicburstingdiscs2GB/T783-1987 of splintery technology condition is the biggest LiftingapplianceRangeofmaximuncapacitios3GB/T790-1995 of lifting capacity series is dynamoelectric bridge crane span and Overheadtravellingcrane of load-lifting height series- - Spanseriesandliftingheightseries4GB/T814-1989 arc gate is general conveyer of belt of technical condition Generaltechnicalrequirementsforradialgates5GB/T987-1991 is basic parameter and dimension Beltconveyors, platen of Basicparametersanddimensions6GB/T988-1991 belt conveyer is basic parameter and dimension Beltconveyorpulleys, bearing roller of Basicparametersanddimensions7GB/T990-1991 belt conveyer is basic parameter and dimension Beltconveyoridlers, helix of Basicparametersanddimensions8GB/T994-1977TD belt conveyer is taut unit is main parameter and dimension ScrewthreadbelttightenersfortypeTDbeltconveyor- - Specifications9GB/T995-1977TD belt conveyer is perpendicular and taut unit is main parameter and dimension VerticalbelttightenersfortypeTDbeltconveyor- - Specifications10GB/T996-1977TD belt carries engine type taut unit is main parameter and dimension TrolleytypebelttightenersfortypeTDbeltconveyor- - well of Testmethodsofaerodynamicperformanceforfans12GB/T2817-1991 of method of experiment of performance of motive force of Specifications11GB/T1236-1985 fanner air uses Methodsofnoisemeasurementforfans of fan of Specificationforsubmersiblepumpsfordeepwell13GB/T2888-1991 of condition of sumbersible pump technology and measurement technique of noise of Luo Ci air-blower, graph of system of technique of vacuum of Terminologyforvacuumtechnology15GB/T3164-1993 of term of BlowerscompressorsandRootsblowers14GB/T3163-1993 vacuum technique uses graphic symbol Vacuumtechnology- - of discharge of Graphicalsymbols16GB/T3214-1991 water pump determine factory of methodological Methodsformeasurementofcapacityofpump17GB/T3215-1982 refine, chemical industry and petro-chemical flow use centrifugal pump Centrifugalpumpsforrefinery of current technology condition, chemicalandpetrochemicalprocesses- - Testmethodsforcentrifugal of pump of Generaltechnicalspecifications18GB/T3216-1989 centrifugal pump, mixed flow, axial-flow pump and method of vortical pump experiment, mixedflow, main type, dimension, parameter reachs Axialandregenerativepumps19GB/T3235-1982 fanner function curve Basictypes, sizes, parametersandcharacteristicsoffans20GB/T3264-1989 is odd design of piece of crane of Specificationforsheet-fedplanographicoffsetpress21GB/T3811-1983 of condition of technology of paper planography offset press is normative Liftinghooks of term of term of Designrulesforcranes22GB/T4307-1984 lifting hook- - centrifugal of Methodfortestingthegatheringarmloaders24GB/T4774-1984 of method of experiment of fork-lift truck of type of Nomenclature23GB/T4652-1984 double arm and Displacementcompressorsvocabulary of general principles of term of compressor of type of cubage of Terminologyofcentrifugeandfilter25GB/T4975-1995 of filter term term- - General26GB/T4976-1985 compressor classifies Compressors- - of level of power of sound of noise of compressor of Classification27GB/T4980-1985 cubage type determine- - engineering law Determinationofsoundpowerlevelfornoiseemittedbydisplacementcompressors- - Engineeringmethod28GB/T4983-1985 screws model steel of Vacuumtechnologyscrewedtypequickreleaseflange29GB5099-1994 of flange of vacuum fast discharge is not had character seam steel of gas cylinder Seamlesssteelgascylinders30GB5100-1994 to solder character Forklifttrucks of term of link up with of forklift of gas cylinder Weldedsteelgascylinders31GB/T5140-1985 fork- - Hook-ontypeforkarms- - stability of forklift of Vocabulary32GB/T5141-1985 counterbalance type experiments basically Counterbalancedlifttrucks- - Stability- - Basictests33GB/T5142-1985 reach type and Reachandstraddleforklifttrucks of stability test of forklift of the type that insert a leg- - requirement of technology of overhead guard of Stabilitytests34GB5143-1985 tall lift-trucks and experiment method High-liftridertrucks- - Overheadguards- - requirement of technology of Specificationandtesting35GB/T5182-1996 forklift fork and experiment Fork-lifttrucks- - Forkarms- - the dimension Forklifttrucks of Technicalcharacteristicsandtesting36GB/T5183-1985 forklift fork- - Forkarms- - Dimensions37GB/T5184-1996 forklift link up with fork and fork wear installation dimension Fork-lifttrucks- - Hook-ontypeforkarmsandforkarmcarriages- - Mountingdimensions38GB/T5621-1985 rock drilling machine and condition of technology of centrifugal pump of Testmethodsofperformanceforrockdrillingmachinesandpneumatictools39GB/T5656-1994 of method of experiment of pneumatic tool function (II kind) Technicalspecificationsforcentrifugalpumps- - condition of technology of ClassII40GB/T5657-1995 centrifugal pump (Ⅲ kind) Technicalspecificationsforcentrifugalpumps- - Class Ⅲ CNC Milling