Acid of aircrew of successive anneal pickling manages stainless steel systematic analysis and draw lessons from

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Aircrew of pickling of intertropical to stainless steel anneal and cold belt anneal pickling aircrew, among them pickling paragraph the main component that is aircrew. Acid management is the important step that makes sure pickling Duan Zhengchang, stability moves, what it reachs acerbity fluid to the exterior quality of strip steel is reasonable using all is crucial. The basic concept of acid management is ion of the metal in maintaining acerbity fluid pH indicator is constant, what assure pickling result thereby is best with stability. In actual production, acerbity to mixing pickling paragraph, be located in the chamfer confusing sick at heart with downstream product line to be able to ask lower metal is ionic normally chroma, in order to assure final pickling result. To achieve this goal, need to be planted according to the steel of strip steel above all, pickling is passed inside unit time paragraph the condition such as status of exterior accumulating, treatment, the content of ferric oxide skin that determines strip steel surface according to experience and place require the concentration of acerbity fluid, by acid management the system finishs relevant computation automatically to the accretion of new sick at heart is measured and abandon acerbity discharge capacity in order to decide, execute corresponding operation through PLC system. In addition, removed and proper time undertakes to acerbity fluid chroma the line is analysed leaving, reach the result of acerbity analysis according to the exterior quality of the strip steel after pickling, to acerbity fluid discharge undertake corresponding adjustment. This research is opposite mainly the pickling confusing sick at heart that comprises by nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid paragraph acid management system undertakes treatise. To different operation pattern, the specific content of acid management and means can differ somewhat. Accordingly, need to go up to undertake predefine to the following content in HMI. Plant with typical steel AISI201, AISI304, AISI409, AISI430 is exemple, these 4 steel are planted adoption acerbity fluid chroma, acerbity even chamfer and circular canister all can differ somewhat. Accordingly, when deciding manufacturing steel is planted, mean namely at the same time make choice of composition of the liquid in acerbity chamfer, and uses circular pipeline. The course is acerbity rarefied or the solution confusing sick at heart after retexture, the content of its nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid and new sick at heart are different, and remain has ion of metal of certain pH indicator. Accordingly, whether must throw system of acerbity rarefied or acerbity second birth clearly, the discharges system and new sick at heart accretion of this pair of fluid that abandon acid the system can be affected somewhat. According to the requirement of line productivity, sick at heart is confused below the circumstance normally paragraph acerbity chamfer amount won't be little at 2, and each acerbity chamfer correspondence have respective acerbity circulatory system, so useless acid uses refluent cascade discharge means, the circular canister that still is each acid chamfer is discharged independently, affect new sick at heart to add system and useless acid to arrange a system as much. In actual production, the specific content of acid management includes: Computation abandons acid to discharge gross, affirmatory useless acid discharges frequency second, acerbity fluid compensation. Acid management is the experience that is based on handlers, adopt the operating system that HMI implements, the effect mixes its pickling to strip steel to be used up acerbitily crucial. Run a system to acid to facilitate quantify elaborate, this research evaporates to did not undertake to acerbity fluid relevant discuss. And actually, of acerbity fluid evaporate the accretion of the discharge capacity with acerbity to abandoning loss and new sick at heart is measured is affected somewhat. And hair area, drafting efficiency, hydrofluoric acid mixes the capacity of acerbity fluid and acerbity fluid temperature, dew point temperature, evaporate nitric acid evaporates correction coefficient, water evaporates coefficient closely related, it is relatively complex function relation. In aircrew the amount that according to pickling Duan Zhongji does hole of roller, acerbity canister, ground to wait is normally in be being designed actually, basis experience data decides deserted discharge capacity, spend mistily according to the acid in waste gas, computation evaporates acerbitily loss. CNC Milling