The hydraulic pressure system of machine tool of bore of three-dimensional numerical control designs H steel

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The installation fixed position of 3H steel and treatment process are analysed 3.

1 installation fixed position considers H steel all requires drill on two wing, and all be semmetry commonly, because this is used,put H steel horizontal, if what show. The education that should pursue advanced production technology, hydraulic pressure and baric drive waiting with H and research work. Face of steel one aspect of the matter and one ala face are fiducial, build workpiece coordinate origin. Clamping force sides with alar extent direction. Assure the verticality of both wings face and working mesa, make celiac board lies horizontal position. Such installation can make workpiece is put smooth, can reduce the height of the machine at the same time. The fixed position of workpiece end panel uses laser to locate appearance searchs accurate. 3.

Analysis of 2 treatment process is analysed according to craft, adopt three-phase asynchronous electric machinery and synchronous leather belt to be driven directly auger cut head main shaft, use frequency control to achieve the cutting rate of a need. Auger cut feed to introduce hydraulic pressure drive. The shift of aperture group uses a pace to take electric machinery drive, order system of position control numerical control, those who will assure precision of the dimension between dimension of aperture group fixed position and aperture is accurate. In machining a process, after pass H steel hoisting and locating truly, rotational handwheel prompts shift work of clamping apparatus general is preliminary clamp; Start moving switch, clamp of drive of crock of clamp hydraulic pressure piece workpiece clamp; Begin to press the program that sets beforehand to undertake machining moving. Total construction refers to 4 total constructions and principle of hydraulic pressure system. According to afore-mentioned fixed position and treatment process analysis, total construction by frame of type of fixed dragon door, feed workbench (roller) , stationary roll stage, stationary mast, mobile pillar, stationary fixture, mobile clamping apparatus, left, right head, vertical head, the composition such as crock of clamp hydraulic pressure. Specific as follows: Frame component basically is used prop up each component and bear cutting force. Feed workbench (roller) , component of slideway of or so pillar, beam basically uses control aperture group and Kong Jian position; Enter orgnaization of nut of guide screw of ball of electric machinery drive by 4 paces respectively, drive head displacement, what system of numerical control of dot position control will assure fixed position is accurate. Head component head by three-phase asynchronous electric machinery direct drive main shaft, gain the rotate speed of a need through frequency control; The cutting feed of or so head is passed inside crock of put hydraulic pressure drives main shaft to realize labour to enter directly with retreat quickly. The cutting feed of vertical head is crock of hydraulic pressure of the put outside using drives vertical head to come true, it can make head comes true to speed, labour is entered and be retreated quickly wait for a function. Device of clamp device clamp is mixed by stationary fixture, mobile clamping apparatus the composition such as crock of clamp hydraulic pressure; Basically use at the fixed position of workpiece and clamp. Handwheel is mixed by guide screw nut the composition such as gear decelerate device; Basically use prompt shift the position of pillar adjustment clamping apparatus and left head and workpiece. Principle of hydraulic pressure system is referred to. After pump starts, crock of all hydraulic pressure all is in go back condition. When 1DT electrify, crock of clamp hydraulic pressure moves; After workpiece clamp, systematic pressure is elevatory, YJ movement, make 2DT electrify, crock of vertical hydraulic pressure begins speed; Block iron to press switch of Cheng of be issued to lower levels when shift, switch issues a statement, make 3DT, 4ET, 5Dr at the same time electrify, at the same time labour enters 3 head; After labour enters an end, each head go back former. The system uses return circuit of timing of cubage reduce expenditure, by variable of voltage limiting type blade pump offers oil, leave out overflow a powerful person, can improve loop efficiency of the system at the same time. Head of or so cutting uses one-way timing a powerful person to import reduce expenditure timing, will realize labour to enter with reversal valve of magnetism of 2 4 electrify with retreat quickly. Crock of hydraulic pressure of type of the buy outside vertical head passes the paralell connection of the switch of a powerful person of magnetism of 2 2 electrify and one-way timing a powerful person, the speed that reversal valve of magnetism of 2 4 electrify will come to to realize head, labour is entered with retreat quickly. The balance when vertical head be issued to lower levels uses one-way sequence valve to come true. The clamp of workpiece uses jar of two clamp hydraulic pressure, to avoid the to clamp effect when much crock moves, on clamp spur track, use pressure-relief valve and the form that one-way a powerful person establishs ties to assure the dependability of clamp. To prevent the mutual interference when motion, how to all contain on each spur track one-way a powerful person. 5 last words because machine tool of bore of this numerical control is to be on the craft requirement foundation that analysed H steel bore, fluid drive and numerical control system organic union rises, make full use of position control of dot of numerical control system locates system of accurate, hydraulic pressure moves muscularity, control is convenient wait for an advantage, make machine tool structure already simple and compact, the operation is convenient, satisfy a machine tool adequately to ask to the technology of H steel bore again, it is better to be had accordingly practical with economy. CNC Milling