Apple Watch conceals skill: Also can join without IPhone Wi

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In the article of Apple Watch evaluation of David Pogue of reporter of Yahoo science and technology, he divulged an apple did not publish conduct propaganda, of Apple Watch conceal skill: In be in a foregone Wi-Fi network when Apple Watch, no matter the IPhone of the user is,close machine, without n, not be even beside, so Apple Watch also can be finished by oneself a few finite, but main network function.

Launch an inquiry to Siri for example, send and receive information, send and receive doodle and palpitant message to wait to user of other Apple Watch.

Nevertheless David Pogue did not allude receive listen dial a telephone, without doubt this function still needs IPhone.

He still expresses, apple Watch can pass blue tooth and Wi-Fi join IPhone, if two equipment that mean an user are apart from exceed space of blue tooth work, also can pass same a Wi-Fi network news report that finish.

Additionally the Apple Watch of wall street daily is evaluated, also confirmed the implied meaning of David Pogue briefly.

Former word of wall street daily is, "Apple Watch calculates and is a distance to also can work between IPhone, if be in foregone Wi-Fi network in, apple Watch will receive this network one after another continuously.

Apple Watch will receive this network one after another continuously.. CNC Milling