Muti_function emery wheel nap implement design and application

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1 foreword pursues nib of nap of 1 emery wheel and emery wheel center are absent same horizontal the error that cause is in the grinding treatment of nice spare parts, the grinding of face of circular arc shape especially the grinding of the raceway outside the raceway inside bearing outer shroud and core is difficulty of a technology, and the nap of emery wheel is having main effect to grinding precision. Traditional emery wheel nap is to pass pen of emery wheel nap to undertake manual nap, perhaps use shape nap implement (like gyro wheel) undertake nap. But the emery wheel after nap of these two kinds of methods can produce error of circular arc appearance, affect the appearance precision of the workpiece after treatment. The cause that affects precision of emery wheel nap has two sides: It is nap implement the precision of itself; 2 it is an operation undeserved. If be when emery wheel of nap of handiwork of pen of nap of use emery wheel, if worker operation is undeserved, make nap implement with the horizontal deviate that crosses line of emery wheel center, be in place of nap nib A, the athletic contrail of nap pen is circular arc curve inside horizontal 2, and the sectional appearance in the emery wheel inside OA plane is elliptical arc however 1, the appearance error that causes emery wheel nap from this (if pursue,show) 1 times. In addition, because wait for diameter of circular arc of Xiu Sha annulus to differ, of because the need when this nap is very much different radius shape nap implement, increased nap already implement amount, use rise very disadvantageous also. Accordingly we were designed adjustable type is muti_function emery wheel nap implement, its introduce mainly below basic structure and working principle. Graph nap of 2 emery wheel implement structural sketch map 2 structures design and working principle are adjustable type is muti_function structure of emery wheel regulator sees a picture 2. When the job this nap implement installation is on the workbench of grinder, adjust its height, make repair the center that makes a nib of 1 and emery wheel to be the same as tall. To by the different and sectional appearance of nap emery wheel, can pass shift intermediate axis 6, the clench the teeth that has different gear wheel will realize nap. When the emery wheel that needs prune sectional appearance is circular arc when, through handgrip 9 make the axis intermediate 6 left move, make bevel gear 2, 3 clench the teeth (the positional) that shows 2 times like the graph, make at the same time gear 4 with rack 5 come away. Rotational handgrip 9, through intermediate axis 6, bevel gear deputy 2, 3 deliver roll nap pen 1 on, make nap nib circles bevel gear the axes of 2 rotates swing, to assure to hold position of clench the teeth when use, need to pass? Device 7 will come true. Differ according to the requirement of treatment, the nap that the runner rolling a flower that can pass rotational the right side adjusts emery wheel to repair the or so place that makes a 1 pen point to realize emery wheel of pair of circular arc of inside and outside (2) seeing a picture. Specific means is (3) seeing a picture: Shift of the towards the left when emery wheel of the circular arc inside nap builds on a lump-sum basis, the emery wheel of nap is outside when circular arc, adjust emery wheel pen to move right, make nib exceeds axes of axis of rotation right (namely bevel gear the axes) of 2, the radius of circular arc of emery wheel nap depends on the relatively mobile distance of nib and this roll axes. When grinding plane, outside when columnar face, the emery wheel that needs prune is sectional appearance is flat, need pen of fore-and-aft and mobile nap only, can undertake nap. Mobile handgrip 9 make the axis intermediate 6 move right, right now bevel gear deputy 2, 3 come away, gear 4 with rack 5 clench the teeth, again rotational handgrip 9, by gear 4 drive, through rack 5 make part of whole Zun Duan fore-and-aft move and drive nap pen 1 fore-and-aft shift, realize the nap to emery wheel. It is right now prevent bevel gear 2 rotate, need to use locking bolt its locking (in the graph not draw gives) . Nap implement two or so parts join through swallow end chamfer, and ask the precision that its cooperate precision to satisfy fore-and-aft shift asks. Graph position of nib of nap of circular arc of 3 inside and outside adjusts 3 use results nap of this emery wheel implement can pass adjust quickly conveniently nap is different the emery wheel of the appearance; The position that can adopt nib of or so mobile nap will realize the nap of radius of different to emery wheel sectional circular arc; To the emery wheel of different diameter, all can pass those who adjust the height of emery wheel pen to come to implementation and emery wheel center convenient and quickly to wait tall, raise the precision of sectional appearance after nap. CNC Milling